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  1. Africa Twin
    Hi all i’m in the middle of restoring a 1988 RD03 from Switzerland. looking for the square headlight cowl and a tank. both need to be in good condition and not in need of painting. I already have both parts but the bike has been given a crazy paint colour so it might cost me more to restore what...
  2. Africa Twin
    Hi Lads Did anyone here rebuild their engine? I'm currently rebuilding my XR650R engine, and was considering doing the same to my AT when I'm done, but I'm not sure how difficult it is on a twin compared to a single? If anyone has done it, do you have a parts list I can check? I'm thinking all...
  3. Dominator / FMX
    Has anybody fitted one of these to their domi if so which one. I think the one i fitted to the AT will do it but not 100% sure. I've just fitted a volt meter to my bike and its pushing out 17.6v on tickover with nothing switched on, its ok with the lights on. I've compared it with my multimeter...
  4. Africa Twin
    Hi All, I have a Facet 40178 Fuel Pump that was never used for sale. I bought from the US and with postage + taxes it cost me €130, The Facet 40178 is a model that is closer to the Honda OEM pump in specs. It puts out 15 GPH and the Honda pump is 12GPH compared to the 40105 witch has 30 GPH...
  5. Africa Twin
    Hi lads! I recently fitted some new tires, and to begin with I tried the 39psi on the rear, as indicated on the tire, and about the same on the front. It sounded like a lot compared to my old Anakees ... and I simply couldn't keep the bike going straight. When I leaned just a little, they...
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    a friend in the philippines has placed an order for one of these Adventure Motorcycle - CSC's RX-3 Cyclone Receives EPA Approval he rides a multi-strada and he reckons quality of the engineering on it is not that bad compared to his duke although the plastics and accessories are a bit, well...
  7. Africa Twin
    What's the closest chain which matches the DID 525 V8 Chain It's a standard genuine chain for the at. It's got smaller links compared to the DID 525 vx
  8. Africa Twin
    Does anybody know if the Japanese import RD04 is a full power model or not? Certainly feels like it compared to my XLV750R. Any specific model changes to the rest of the world?
  9. Varadero
    Anyone tried both these bikes, what is the big difference and which is best value for money compared to what you get ? I resenly saw a 1200 GS close up, and it looks stunning and all the owners are soo happy with them ?
  10. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi everyone, from a newbie, that sounds ridiculous considering l'm 67, (how about old newbie) anyway, l've just sold my NX 650, and bought a 650 TA, mainly because the TA will be virtually vibration free compared to the dominator, but l need to raise the seat height, I'm 6' 5'', so if anyone has...
  11. Transalp
    Hi, I am considering using the TA for some gravel riding. What will i need apart from TKC80's ? Anyone seen a headlight grill for the 600 and a bash plate that looks really good (seen only not so nice but practical bashplates for this bike around). Is it a suitable bike for gravel touring...
  12. Africa Twin
    Does anyone else think these are poop? Compared to the Metz Tourances on my GS they feel proper twitchy in the damp and not that secure in the dry. Done less than 500 miles and TBH won't be doing too many more on them. new tyres when I get the rims replaced. :rolleyes:
  13. Transalp
    Anyone had both bikes? How did you find them compared to each other? Been out for first ride today on the 650 and the 600 seemed a bit quicker to build the revs, 650 seems alot more shall be say lethargic.
  14. CRF - New Forum!
    Well quite a change for me. I used to be a member on here a few years back when I had my transalp but since have owned a few GS's. Well ive just traded my bmw sertao in for a crf250l so quite a change in direction. We mainly just do off roading now and so I feel quite positive about the move. I...
  15. Transalp
    Hi all - I bought a yellow h11 bulb for the headlight and tried to fit it - but I found out that the bulb base is thicker on the yellow one compared to the OEM one (see pic), so it won´t fit, the lugs cannot reach the inside of the reflector. I thought H11 was H11; has anyone come across...
  16. Welsh Invasion
    We seem to have dwindling numbers compared to years gone by. Historically we meet at Lymm services 10am Friday with the aim of 10.30 departure. Who's going from the NW? Phil sent from my 'phone
  17. Transalp
    First off, I already have a genuine Honda Shop Manual for the XL650Vy (Part number - 62MCBA60). What I'm after is some info from the supplement to the manual that caters for the (admittedly minimal) changes to the later bikes, ie 2004 on. These had wiring mods (compared to the original 650's)...
  18. Varadero
    I've a standard 2002 varadero here,and a 2000 firestorm with an upgraded shock (purple,hyperpro or hagon or something) . I was wondering if the shocks are interchangeable as I've check their websites are the numbers are similar? Cheers. Colin
  19. Africa Twin
    ol' Dumbo back on the road, failed on a rear tyre, 1 side light, & binding brake (not moved for a while) the mot station put her as a xlv1000 on the slip, told him to change it, he said couldn't go back 2days, he'll do it next year... eh. feels like a wallowing pig compared to the now stolen...
  20. BMW
    New 'kettle' GSA. Apparently it can take 5 kg more weight on the back compared to the old 1200 GSA. Should be good for Pete. :mrgreen:
1-20 of 29 Results