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  1. 17t front sprocket on the AT - compatibility

    Africa Twin
    Hello guys, I have a question; I run the 17t front sprocket from JT on my RD04, however, JT does not make the rubberized version of the 17t sprocket (JTF314) which id like to have, they only make the bare 17t version. However - Rugged roads sells the 17t rubberized OEM honda sprocket...
  2. Foot pegs for XL700 from other bikes

    Hi I am trying to find a way of adjusting the rider foot pegs position on my XL700. The stock footpegs are in my way when I stop at the traffic light and I want to move the 2-3 cm to the front or to the back. I know that SW-Motech had some pricey kits for the XL700, but are not available...
  3. front wheel compatibility

    Anyone know whether the different year models/ front wheels are compatible? I have an '09 model with a cracked front rim. I can get a '00 model rim from the Netherlands, but not sure if it'll fit. The Honda model numbers differ, but this is not failsafe as Honda often use different part numbers...
  4. Exhaust Compatibility with an XR

    Dominator / FMX
    Hopefully someone may know the answer to this question... I am converting a Honda SLR 650 into street tracker/scrambler style bike and am getting starting to think about the exhaust. Do any of you know if the exhaust port exit would be the same size etc as the Honda XR650? I have seen and quite...
  5. CRF100L compatibility with Givi Monkey system

    Africa Twin
    Evening all. Just spent some time googling what is required to connect my existing Givi (Kappa) monkey top box to the new AT. I figured it would just be a plastic adapter plate mounted straight to the bike as with the XRV750 before. Somehow though it seems far more complicated than that. It...
  6. front cowl compatibility

    Hi I have just bought a 1987 XL 600V Transalp. It is in a bit of a mess. I have bought it as a project to restore as best I can. One first (of many) question. The front cowl/fairing on my one has been cut away to accommodate a different headlight and I want to find a replacement one. I have...
  7. NX 650 Wheel rim sizing compatibility - Handling

    Dominator / FMX
    hi folks Current order: Front wheel - Rim (SM Pro) - 19" x 1.85 32 - Gold (100/90-19 57H Michelin Anakee 3 tire fitted) REPLACING stock 21" x 1.85 32 (90/90 - 21 Mitas offroad tire) I have the option of replacing the REAR wheel with stock 17" x 2.5 (130/90-17 Michelin Anakee 3 tire fitted) OR...
  8. Vaughan

    Hi ,can anyone help with some information on compatibility for my 1987 honda transalp ,I am trying to source a pulse generator part no 30300 mm9 000 and not having much luck , is there any other year that is compatible . Thanks
  9. Transalp 600 clocks compatibility

    Hi there, I don't know if someone have encountered this kind of situation. I have an '89 TA with this type of clocks: Had a small crash and I changed the clocks with the ones from an '88 model, this one here: The thing is that the tachometer isn't working. Is it because it's damaged? - that...
  10. Air / battery box compatibility

    Africa Twin
    Hi all Is an RD04 air / battery box part number 17210-mv1-000 compatible with a RD03 box?
  11. Bluetooth Helmet/Headset Compatibility?

    It is time to replace my long serving helmet, and I'm thinking of investing in a Bluetooth enabled helmet. I like the idea of listening to a few tunes and podcasts when I'm sat on the motorway, and also on the sunny day each year I like the idea of having a chat with her on the back. But, due to...
  12. fuel cap compatibility

    Does anyone know if a Transalp 650 fuel cap will fit the 600? I want a flush fuel cap on my 600 so i can use my tank bag!
  13. ATwin Throttle cable compatibility

    Africa Twin
    Hi, does anyone know if the AT throttle cables are compatible with XL650V Transalp ? Thanks.
  14. RD04 & RD07 fairing compatibility

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, Ive read quite a bit on this topic on ADV and here + tried searching around, but i never found a "for sure" answer. I saw some mods online, where someone fitted the rear tail from a rd07 to a rd04, but there was no mention of (how much) modding. So, to clear this - how many of the...
  15. Bar end weights - cross-compatibility?

    Africa Twin
    One of my AT's handlebar end weight assemblies has broken, right where the end weight engages (well, engaged, because the weight has disappeared) with the lead slug that sits inside the handlebar. The whole thing contains two rubber bungs, the slug, the snap ring, the end weight and the machine...
  16. RD02 tank compatibility

    Dominator / FMX
    can i use the other type of RD02 tank for my ealier moder RD02 Dommie? i'm using an acerbis plastik tank right now, but i'm planning to change the plastic tank to the original steel tank, can my 1991 Dommie fit the TYPE A tank just like the picture above?the original tank of my dommie is TYPE...
  17. Parts compatibility

    Africa Twin
    I am in the process of buying a '96 AT, and am confused by the model numbering system. Which model is the 96? And will panniers and rack from a 91 RD04 fit? I am sure i will get used to all this stuff. Many thanks, Chunko'.
  18. Should speeding lead to second driving test?

    The government is consulting on having a second test that will involve double the practical element of the standard test for a whole range of driving ban offences - anything that results in a ban for more than 56 days. So riding at 100mph on a motorway, for example. You wouldn't necessarily...
  19. Year by year compatibility

    Looking at getting an OEM chain/sprocket set and brake pads for my 2006 Tranny. David Silver only goes up to 2002 on their website. Will the bits for a 2002 be compatible with my 2006 model? I've checked on the Lings website for part numbers and these seems to be the same for the 2002 and 2006...
  20. Scala/Ncom compatibility

    Bike Comms & Audio
    Bought an N104 earlier this year and a Scala Rider set off Ebay. Got the Scala sort-of fitted to the helmet, and the missus has got her side of it on her full face... Question; If I update to the hugely expensive Ncom setup for the 104, will it communicate with the Scala, or do I have to update...