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  1. Mods can you put a sticky on my post...............................

    Hi could one of the Mods put the posting Paddydakar 2012 in Charity events page on a sticky please very important for Competitors ,Thanks Francis
  2. Parkers used bike guide - gone????

    What's it worth?
    Can anyone point me in the direction of a Used bike pricing guide? Parkers seem to have removed theirs; MCN just refer you to their adverts; Used Bike Guide doesn't seem to have one any more. Glasses also dont seem to do bike. Googling brings up loads of "we buy any" sites and all...
  3. Competitors for a TV Series wanted.

    Message from Louie Greeff to our members...... If you're interested please contact me and I'll pass on Louie's mail address.
  4. E2E competitors.

    The Longest Day
    I was on MCN web site and came across a post about this. Looks like were not the only group doing this.