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  1. 650 review

    From here (2004 - he's in Australia, I think) ------------------------------ Now that the dust has settled on the new 650 Tranny, these are my observations and experiences thus far. The engine is feeling...
  2. Wanted: RD08 Carb insulator

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi folks I am looking for a carb insulator for an NX650 RD08. This has the shorter intake tube. My one is too long (a common complaint, I've found) If anyone has a spare, I'll have it for cash or favours. :D
  3. Dulux not so Brilliant white!

    Having had a bad experience with yellowing white paint in the past, I plumped for some Dulux Brilliant White to finish a job last March - an extra tenner or so for premium paint is good value compared to re-painting a full house in a couple of years' if cheaper stuff yellows... I opened the...
  4. New rear shock.

    Dominator / FMX
    My new Wilburs shock arrived today from Germany and I am well chuffed with it.:blob8::blob7::blob8: Its the fist time in 45 yrs of riding bikes that I have bought a new shock and I hope it performs as good as it looks. The price I paid for it is almost half of what I paid for the bike.:rolleyes...
  5. Hi from a new(ish) member

    Just thought its about time I said hi, I have been lurking for a while just reading the the posts and enjoying the site. I bought an 07 Transalp 650 about 4 months ago and I have covered around 5 and 1/2 thousand miles on her without complaint. I have replaced the seat with the lower version...
  6. Local Police Amaze me

    I start work at 0530 so i need to be there a bit before that to get changed etc. Yesterday morning i got into work and was talking to a mate after start up, now before work he went to a local cashpoint before going to work which was about 1/2 of mile from work. The cashpoint was a small branch...
  7. Complaint about Galloway Activity Centre 2013

    Austin's Adventures
    This is what I said... Hi Kieran and Laura, I thought you might appreciate some honest feedback following our weekend camping at GAC. I am sorry to have to say we were disappointed overall and you failed to live up to your usual standard. The confusion over booking bunks in the...
  8. Whealie really is a super hero.......

    Africa Twin
    It was bound to happen. You just can’t commute 50 miles a day through stationary London traffic on a ¼ tonne motorcycle and expect everybody to respect the difficulties of piloting solo. When my bike got shunted from behind by an abusive and aggressive mini cab driver in three lanes of solid...
  9. My Tall Rider Modifications to my 650 TA: Raise handlebars by 200mm and seat 100mm

    Here’s some photos of my 650 Transalp before I made any serious changes to it. Bog Stock 2003 Australia model. 20010-...
  10. We lied to you...sorry (NOT Nick Clegg this time)

    This made me laugh (a lot)...Bodyform's response to a facebook posting: Bodyform exposes the myths of advertising in video response to Facebook complaint | The Drum
  11. Really? It's the same is it?

    Interesting one this Basically a reporter has been criticised by a viewer for being overweight and setting a bad example. She has then used this 'complaint' as the basis for a piece on bullying. In her piece she likens her obesity to to other reasons that people are often bullied about such...
  12. Crosstourer 1st service

    Crossrunner / Crosstourer
    Well, that's the first 600 miles in and round to Willie Young Motorcycles in Elgin today for its first service. Oil and filter changed, bike inspected, first service done! "How much do I owe you for that sir?" "first service is free Jim!" "Excellent!" Next service 8000 miles but Willie says best...
  13. Official Complaint

    I'd like to post an official complaint about BobA's avatar today. That girl's barely got her top button undone ! :angel5: