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  1. Seat reupholstered herefordshire

    Africa Twin
    We have a tiny little upholsterers in Ross, and I got talking to Terry who works there and asked if they could do a bike seat. Not bad for fifty quid, he said he would rather not refoam it but leave it as original. No complaints here. He would rather not have his details posted all over the...
  2. Decals Complaints

    The Longest Day (Planning)
    Can someone look at Royster still hasnt got his decals and seems to be being ignored.
  3. Before the complaints start

    The last time I did it there was an XRV riot so I am warning you in advance. I have changed my avatar temporarily to support the XRV longest day as I have been named as the fat comms controller I thought I would have an avatar that reflected my new important title. French bear will return in...