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  1. Xr 250 r 1996-2004 engine needed

    Hi All Im after a complete engine as per the title "running". Cheers Si
  2. Wanted: XL100S-B Engine Prefix No. HD05

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, Does anyone have a complete (or partial) engine for a 1981/1982 XL100-SB engine , starting with engine number HD05 please? Any condition considered, just let me know what you've got! Can collect or organise courier. Message me on here or call 07808 823594 or email [email protected]
  3. XR250 engine compatibility

    Hi all I own an electric start version honda XR250 N reg 1996 was converted for road use about 2002 by previous owner. Unfortunately I have sustained a small crack in the cylinder barrel on the cam chain side whilst green landing! I have seen a complete engine for sale from a 2003 xr also...
  4. alternator side oil

    Dominator / FMX
    I broke down yesterday On inspection The alternator side is filled with engine oil not good ! Is it a complete engine out split engine? Obviously a seal has gone, to replace it can I do it with the engine in situ? Do I need special tools? or can I use a 3 legged puller? to drag the rotor...
  5. For Sale: Varadero 1000 engine parts

    For Sale / Wanted
  6. Wanted: Xl250 1984ish engine

    For Sale / Wanted
    Just thought I would ask on here if anybody had any spare parts for a honda xl250r preferably a complete engine lol. I have stripped it down today and crank as 0.4mm on the crank side to side movement were the thrust washers are and bores are worn so any help in finding an engine much...
  7. Swap: RD03 Complete Engine - surgest a swap!

    XRV Swap Shop
    The Engine have run ~ 58 k km, uses a litle too much oile, but holds 41 horses on the wheel!
  8. Honda XL600L Genre - MTTE PDO4 (Transalp)

    Hi All I have a Honda XL600L. Recently aquired. I have searched a bit and came to a 1986 model..not sure of it as yet. I am looking for a complete engine including it's carburattor. Do you know of where i could get such an engine. I would like to have this guy fixed but got it without the...
  9. 700 into a 650

    Any point in trying to drop this (HONDA XL 700 TRANSALP COMPLETE ENGINE 2010 REG ****FREE POSTAGE**** | eBay) into a 650 frame?
  10. Need a camshaft assembly or engine for Honda NX650 1990

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Everyone, A mate is working on project bike to use for green laning Honda NX650 (1990). Having problems getting the engine running and he has identified the need to replace camshaft assembly with bearings and possibly the rocker arms. Honda want an extortiate amount of cash and despite...
  11. Problems with gear lever & shaft

    Africa Twin
    The splines on my gear lever and the shaft has gone. :cry: Replacing the shaft will probably involve a complete engine strip which I don't see as an option right now. Which leaves welding the lever to the shaft. Is that the only option? I does seem kinda final and will probably not...
  12. Wanted: XL600 parts, also XR600 parts.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Im in need of a few parts, maybe you guys can hook me up? im looking for a complete engine from an XL/XR600, also carbs, loom, cdi etc. Rear number boards from an 85 XL600rm or similar. exhaust end can from xl600 or similar (im told crf250 will fit?) disk brake front wheel from XR/ XL600...
  13. rd07 gear shift axle problem! slighty bent backwards, loses 2-3 drops of oil/day!

    Africa Twin
    a friend of mine went with his rd07 in some mudd while we had the 4thAT meeting in Romania! he did not drop the bike but while getting trough the mudd he says that his gearshift axle was bent and now we do not know what to do! do we use brute force to bent it right, do we have to change that...
  14. For Sale: breaking xrv750 RD07A

    For Sale / Wanted
    due to work commitments and wanting a new £15k bike at the end of the year I have decided against rebuilding my 2000 africa twin (vaders old one) and am breaking it for spares..... the following are the main bits for sale along with a rough-ish asking price. the original wheels and discs and...
  15. Wanted: RD07a ouput shaft or engine with good shaft

    For Sale / Wanted
    Guys, I'm currently stripping my engine down to replace a worn output shaft, problem is, I need a new shaft first otherwise there's no point now is there! So, anyone got a new or as good as, second-hand shaft or even a complete engine with a good shaft in it? Thanks, Bri..............
  16. For Sale: xrv750 rd04 complete engine

    For Sale / Wanted
    compleat engine runs very well no smoke ticked over nicely and rode nicely ,out put shaft is good no oil leaks 31000 miles NOW THE IMPORTANT PART this engine was removed from a stolen recovered bike (i have recepts to prove)and as such has no engine numbers:( £300ono must be collected from...
  17. Wanted: xr 600 engine

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    where will i find complete bottom end or complete engine for xr 600,any help greatly accepted.
  18. Replace output shaft... feel like crying.

    Africa Twin
    Just popping on a new set of sprockets and chain, checked the output shaft and the splines are down to about 1mm....... had a chat with a garage mate and he says that to replace the output shaft is a complete engine strip and is gonna cost about £1000 (parts and labour) this would include, new...
  19. Sold: XR600R

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Due to a change at work,I now need a commuter,so my XR's got to go :( Its a '97 on an R.The whole bike has been rebuilt,but there is an electrical fault I haven't got the time/patience/test equipment to sort though I'm sure it's the ignition coil. new bits as follows : Powdercoated frame New...
  20. Wanted: Africa Twin gears

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi - my RD04 has a couple of whining gears so I am after a set and am going to rebuild the lot over the winter. I might be interested in a complete engine but only if the price is right. Cheers guys. You can also email me - tristan640[@] (check typo)