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  1. Blanking Choke?

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I intend blanking off the chokes on my AT. Will I remove the chokes completely, or fix them permanently in the open position? If I remove them, what will I use to cap the opening? Regards, Pat F.
  2. RD03/04 suspension linkage spacers

    Africa Twin
    Have just discovered that the spacers within the rear linkage are no longer available. Two of mine were completely seized, the smaller one where the shock attaches is available from Honda but neither of the longer ones are. Has anyone found a similar part that will fit or could be modified...
  3. Front Brake Master Cylinder

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi, I desperately looking for a front brake master cylinder for my 2001 Dommie. I completely trashed the screws for brake fluid lid and need to replace the whole thing now. No luck on Ebay sadly.. any one have a spare one?!?! Or someone have any suggestions on replacements that would be...
  4. Please Help!

    Africa Twin
    Hello! I want to ask for help. My africa rd04 have problems burn gasoline rear cylinder. spark plugs are completely wet. Its too much fuel. what would you suggest? thanks
  5. Weird knocking on the right footpeg

    Africa Twin
    Hi lads! I've started to notice a slight knocking on the right footpeg when in 4th gear. Maybe 2-4 knocks pr second. It's very weak or non-existant in lower gears. It goes away completely if I pull the clutch very lightly. Anyone knows what this might be? Cheers!
  6. Tank Removal

    Time to change the air the tank has to come off. Does the tank need to be completely drained of fuel? Should it be syphoned? Or can it be drained from the pet cock? OR, can some fuel stay in the tank or will it leak out when I remove the lines?
  7. Check your frames

    Stripping down my xl650 to remove the engine,got all the top bits off and decided to have a go at the exhaust.Laying down to check where it was bolted on i notice the frame looked a bit dodgy,using a lever found the frame was completely rusted through and detached.So people get out and check...
  8. grommets

    Does anyone know where I can get some grommets for fixing the fairings to the frame. Some of mine are perished, and some are missing completely. thanks
  9. 89 Trans Alp Woes "need help"

    Transalp Technical Specs
    Why does this 89 Trans Alp run so bad…a new cdi,new plugs and misses badly above 3500rpm.Recently ran completely out of gas (reserve too) NO IT"S not my bike but I said it would ask.Checking manual but can anyone help..any advice would be appreciated!
  10. New guy looking for a XR400

    I am completely new to XR's what should i look out for when looking to buy cheers
  11. countershaft step-by.step

    Africa Twin
    hi m8 my output-shaft is completely flat, no way around it! gotta open the engine. is there any thread here or anywhere with a step by step how to change it? and also would like to know you´re opinion on the shaft from cms parts and the gasket kit from poland that appears a lot on ebay. any...
  12. My new toy

    Picked this up yesterday It's mint and completely standard, full service history Well pleased with it It also came with these babies Woo Hoo(N)
  13. Towing trailer with a Transalp

    Saw a Transalp set up for towing a trailer at the Calne bike day the guy builds 'adventure' trailers his website Vumbi Trailers - A completely new concept in trailers for motorcycles has a full pic of the setup
  14. 30amp fuse melted

    Africa Twin
    Edit: if you are reading this because you have had a spam email from the site's new owner, VS, I apologise. They did not ask me, even though I was a moderator for years and spent thousands of my own money printing T-shirts for National Meets. They have my details. They could have asked first...
  15. SLR Starter motor woes

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi, Think my starter motor has died. Battery & relay are both new and current getting to the motor terminal when pressing the starter button on the handlebars. Removed the starter reduction gearbox cover and the grease is completely emulsified. Has anybody got a motor they could part with, or...
  16. Michelin Anakee 3

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Anybody tried these out ?? Went to order new boots for the old girl today, don't do Anakee 2's any more got this new Anakee 3 tyre. Looks like a fekin slick :( Completely different pattern. Supposed to be 90% road , 10% off ??? Not sure about this, been with Michelin for a while, ok the last...
  17. Collapsed wheel bearing take 2

    Dominator / FMX
    Does anyone in dommieland know the part number of the two smaller wheel wheel bearings on the back wheel. I found the number from the web and its supposed to be 6202 which I ordered from simply bearings ltd and the outside size is 1mm to large. Both bearings were completely destroyed I also need...
  18. Rear wheel bearing broke down right north of Luleaa, Sweden. Where to fix?

    Africa Twin
    My rear wheel bearing (not sure if both sides or just one) has failed silently and completely. I am waiting for NAF outside Luleaa. Anyone know a workshop in Luleaa that can fix this quickly?
  19. Help!!! XLV 600 after market exhaust

    Hi, I've bought a really tidy 97 transalp 600 which is completely standard, including the exhaust. I really want to get a single pipe for it and am looking to fit something like an Arrow / Leo Vince sort of can, probably get the link pipe made up (???), anyone had any experience of doing this...
  20. Fuel tap position ??

    Africa Twin
    Can some enlighten me as to the fuel tap positions please. I just ordered a new lever, and have no idea if my fuel tap is currently in the ' on ' or reserve position. Dont want to put the lever on, only to run completely dry somewhere. Cheers. Probably self explanitary, but rather make my life...