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  1. Chatter
    Or as my daughter's friend said last night "George Michael, guess that's the Last Christmas then...." As an off the cuff remark, a bloody good 'un.
  2. For Sale / Wanted
    Forum Members: Hello. If you have a set of fuel level sensors or pet cocks collecting dust, please contact me. I need the components for an XRV750. I am unsure if the XRV650 shares the same components. Thanks in advance! David
  3. Africa Twin
    following on from my cdi dying along with the reg rec and battery i've replaced all the components and the reg rec is an R6 one. new earth from battery to frame and the wiring of the reg rec done according to a few on here. tickover on my multimeter im getting 15.2v it doesnt go up ur down when...
  4. Chatter
    Check this video out. The guy has got a very good point to make! Then look at the strong arm tactics towards the end and threats of "mental instability" Unbelievable. They know he is right! I hope he takes it further....
  5. Chatter
    I notice that Microsoft is stopping support for Windows XP next April, does that mean you will be falling down a lot? :iconbiggrin: Andy.
  6. Chatter
    Dakar Heroes return to Heathrow True Dakar heroes Race2Recovery homecoming: the team will be flying in to London Heathrow, 24th Jan, Terminal 5 at 10.20 flight IB 3162. Just got this from the Race2Recovery site,obviously I cant make it to welcome them home but if any one is free go and...
  7. XR
    Hi does anyone have any idea what CR250 parts fit the XR250. i.e front forks, rear suspension. XR is a 1994
  8. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi for sale brand new still with tags Diadora crossbow boots size 5.5 uk these were £119 when we bought them at NEC show offers ???????????
  9. Chatter
    Safe in the knowledge that my rugged good looks belie the fact that I am getting on a bit I was wondering how many riders on here are, shall we say, 65 or over? Please be aware that any infomation provided will be treated with respect and only used for p*ss taking purposes. ;):D PS I know that...
  10. Africa Twin
    Hey all, I have found fault with my tachometer, 2 components are burned, one is easy to change and have an extra, the other is something of a problem because it is burned, and when it does change the colors on the so you can not see what it really should be, one can not match up to it because...
  11. Transalp
    The rim on my '02 Transalp with 19k miles has several cracks between the spokes of the rear wheel. After a bit of messing about with the dealer I bought it from they are paying for a new rim and getting the rim rebuilt. They are getting the rim from Central Wheel Components Ltd and wondered if...
  12. Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Dont know if mention of this company posted before anywhere here but this company looks well useful to source coils, CDI, other parts. Friend sourced new CDI for his XT550 here & said they were vey helpful / knowledgeable so thought i wld pass on for others maybe in need ! Electrical parts for...
  13. Discounts / Deals
    Anyone needing connectors, cable & General auto electrical components should check out I.E.M. Speak to Dave Olson if you cant find yr needs on the site for online purchase, a Very Helpful guy & his prices very competitive. I use him @ work and he welcomes xrv users Web address ...
  14. For Sale / Wanted
    Wanted...Moto Guzzi V65 ignition components -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Long shot I know...... Looking for all the ignition components from a Guzzi V65. Anyone ??? A couple of years ago I bought an ultra rare Moto Guzzi NTX650 trailie...
1-14 of 15 Results