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  1. BMW
    I went to work today, usual servicing to do, first off, an Aga cooker. Just finished the cooker when the customer came in, started ragging him about being a BMW owner, saw the ADV in his shed, as you do! :thumbup: So, he asked if I'd like a quick ride of his Beemer, well, never a man to miss...
  2. Chatter
    Been looking through some bike mags and I have found a bike that I really really like. don't know if my elbows and knees could take it though but it's such a pretty bike Don't worry twinkletoes is safe for now as the riding position would cripple me so for now I'll just oggle from a distance :D
  3. Chatter
    No not me - you lot. Motorcyclists can be a critical lot at times and we winge quite about the faults of other motorist, so in the spirit of being fair what are you guilty of when riding / driving. Mine are: Riding: 1. I am overcautious and sometimes even when I am going into a corner with...
  4. Varadero
    HI folks, damned quiet here? Ok, on to the confession. I was in at the local bike dealers this week, Wullie's got a Triumph 955i Tiger in, satan orange, with luggage. Lovely looking bike and I keep think about being patriotic and buying British. I was seriously considering a trade in with the...