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    double celebrations! Have a great birthday and many congratulations on your graduation.....u keeping it all too quiet! :blob7:
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    Thought the Muricans were gonna elect a rich arrogant posh bloke for a while there..........who'd do that eh! :D :hitler: :cool: :angel1:
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    Jim and Fiona :thumbup: Wishing you guys all the best Pete,Deb and Jamie-lee
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    Wigan Chris and his partner Lyndsey got wed yesterday:wav::wav::wav::love8::love8::occasion5::occasion5::occasion7::occasion7:
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    :wav::occasion7::occasion5::occasion2::wav: Kate and Alastair (Jelly) who got married yesterday. :D Hope you both had a great day, and best wishes for the future. :thumbright: Sorry I couldn't make it - had a bit of a crisis to deal with. :(
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    Nothing to say but HI:thumbup: A mear minnow in a sea of big fish:p
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    I think this deserves a thread all of its own. Carport (Dai) got married yesterday Well done mate glad you had a good day :thumbright:
1-7 of 7 Results