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  1. Recommend carb synchronizing gauges?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, and thank you for your welcome. Can you carb synchronizing gauges, ones that have whatever is needed to connect to the carbs. Also, where is the take off for gauges on the carbs? Many thanks, Pat.
  2. Intercomm between non same models

    Bike Comms & Audio
    Hi All Just wondering if there is an easy way to connect three riders with bluetooth helmet gear. What about using WhatsApp over the internet? Any suggestions welcome. Graeme
  3. Tapatalk support gone?

    I cannot connect to TT this afternoon. Anyone else too?
  4. facebook connect

    Does the button f connect at the top of the page actually do anything? I have been on the XRV.Org facebook page and posted some ramblings but I do not recongnise any familier names on there. Do any of you use it?
  5. Need help to install USB charger

    Africa Twin
    I've bought this USB charger, and I'd like to install it switched, so my question is, where should I connect + ? Minus I plan to either connect at the frame ground, or at the battery. Thanks! :)
  6. Connecting a Battery for electrics testing on XR400 2001/2

    Anyone got a suggestion for the best place to connect a battery into the wiring for garage testing of the electrics rather than having to run the engine?
  7. Deactivating side stand switch

    Africa Twin
    If someone happens to remember wich wires needs to connect together at loom i`d be grateful and i wouldn`t need to find my multimeter :)
  8. Negative Battery Terminal connection

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Where does the negative cable connect to on the frame side. I've heard it's on one of the starter motor bolts. Is this correct? Thanks a mil...
  9. Where does this pipe connect to?

    Africa Twin
    Hi, There is a pipe that connects between the 2 carburettors on my RD07A. where is it supposed to connect to? Someone else took the carbs off and I have no clue where it needs to go. Thanks,
  10. How do i connect an optimiser/charger

    As advised by you guys on here i have purchased a Dr Bike optimiser/charger to connect to my battery (TA 700 ) 09. The problem is the instructions say you can attach whilst the battery remains in the bike, It appears to say one of the connections attaches to the battery the other to a piece of...
  11. Do i connect the engine crankcase breather onto the airbox and why???

    Ive been doing a rebuild for the last year or so and after fixing many issues such as the infamous bogging issue and a broken clutch spring stem i now have another question. When i fired her up and ran her with the hole in the airbox patched up, she ran a bit rougher as i hadn't compensated for...