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  1. Frame oil connections

    Dominator / FMX
    Trying to find out what size thread are the oil connections on my RD08 frame. I know the oil filler cap is M20 x 2.5 Looking to find out what the otherconnections are
  2. fuel tap lever

    Africa Twin
    i have lost fuel tap lever. new one is 15 plus delivery. does any one have other alternative? I have read that someone made a tube connection to handelbar so can be easier switched when needed.. thanks
  3. For Sale: Garmin Zumo cradle CANBUS power lead

    For Sale / Wanted
    dunno if this works on all bikes.. but I had it on my R1200 GSA, for connecting from the head-stock power connection to the cradle of my Garmin Zumo 30 euro posted (to Ireland or UK) . Payment by Paypal (gift option please) ta iain
  4. Forma Adventure Boots

    I just took delivery of a new brown pair of Forma Adventure Boots today and i have too say i'm very impressed.I did do quite a bit of research before i bought them and they had good reviews,they are the only boots that i've had that are comfortable straight out of the box,i have no connection...
  5. Transalp link pipe for Lazer muffler

    Hi There, Anyone has idea how to connect universal Lazer muffler to Transalp original headers? The diameter of the connection in Lazer muffler is 70mm and the diameter of the original header where I create the link pipe is around 42mm if I recall it right. I have searched the "DIY" (Do it...
  6. Exhaust Hole

    Now this may sound a bit daft, but I am a newbie to these bikes, but should this hole be there. The reason I even ask is that it is perfectly formed, it doesn't look like its rotted through. Any explanations please. Its at the connection of the silencer to the rest of the pipe, behind the...
  7. lubrication oxidised electrical connectors

    Africa Twin
    Hi All. Just preparing bike for winter have some electric connection oxidized , want lubricate them but not sure what to use Any recommendations ? Sometimes I use vaseline on battery is there specific grease can be used like copper grease or vaseline be ok ? VAL Africa Twin , BMW R1100RT, 2...
  8. Mosfet Reg question

    Africa Twin
    Hi Just got myself the Mosfet upgrade from the states and harness from Eastern Beaver, question is the connection to the alternator with the three yellow wires has a white plastic connector similar to the original, is it worthwhile me bypassing this and just hardwiring the connection ? Thanks...
  9. Wanted: electrical connectors

    For Sale / Wanted
    I need a new CDI plug on the loom side for my transalp 600 Does anyone have one or know where to find one? I don't want to buy a whole loom just for one connection!
  10. Rear brake light

    After putting bike back together for a swingarm strip I cant get the rear brake light to work properly. Its staying on constantly, I can wiggle the connection and get it off but the moment I touch the brake pedal its back on again. Any tips or hints as Im a crap electrical solver of puzzles
  11. What size inline fuse for TomTom Rider v5 ?

    Got my new TomTom Rider v5 today and the hardwire charger for the permanent connection doesn't have an inline fuse So I'm gonna buy an inline fuse holder from ebay but what size fuse would you fit? Ta John
  12. Steyr Harley Treffen 2013

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Not technically XRV related, but thought it was worth posting anyway;) There IS an RD07 in there somewhere:D, and I was on my RT... Harley Treffen Steyr 2013 - YouTube Part 2 should be uploaded shortly; as soon as our slooooow internet connection allows:rolleyes: BTW, Steyr is in upper...
  13. Hello,

    Dominator / FMX
    New to the forum and I need advice. 01 FX650 Vigor, had it since new. If I disconnect the pulse generator leads at the frame connection, should I be seeing a coil resistance and if so what should it be? Any advice gratefully received, no matter how weird.
  14. Aux. tank for BMW on Ebay

    tank bmw, hecktank, hpn acerbis, paris dakar r100 gs, r80 gs, g/s | eBay For the Mods: I have no connection what so ever with the seller.
  15. eBay: SW Motech Bags Connection City Quick Lock Tank Bag and ring

    eBay - Varadero
    Here on ebay: Sold
  16. Ignition Connection in Loom

    Africa Twin
    Ok, before i go taking tank etc all off again, where is the connector from ignition mount to the loom, I know connects somewhere just couldnt find it last night as was dark in shed I want extent this section so i can mount my ignition up high. John
  17. Negative Battery Terminal connection

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Where does the negative cable connect to on the frame side. I've heard it's on one of the starter motor bolts. Is this correct? Thanks a mil...
  18. 660 Rally

    Everything Orange - KTM
    This one is at the moment 4-sale here in Sweden: Ktm 660 rally | Jämtland | Blocket (I have no connection what so ever with the seller, but I wish I had the money...) Ktm 660 rally -06 with OEM nav. equipment and ICO. price: 100 000 SEK
  19. Bykebitz discounts

    Discounts / Deals
    Bykebitz have sent me an email with a number of discount codes 10% off Interphone coupon code: INT10 15% off Givi coupon code: GIV5 10% OFF Helibars - Coupon Code: HEL10 10% Airhawk Premium/ Neoprene - Coupon Code: AIR10 15% OFF Furygan Clothing - Coupon Code: FUR15 10% OFF Bags Connection...
  20. LED Flasher Connections

    Mechanical Advice
    I'm trying to fit LED indicators and the LED flasher unit has connections marked L, P and X. Anyone know what connects to what? Thanks