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  1. Starter relay problem.

    The ‘93 600 TA I just bought has had a bit of a meltdown in the relay/regulator area, but been repaired and has run okay for quite a while. Apparently. When I bought it I pulled the panels, tank and seat off just to have a general inspection. I pulled a few wires out, checked connections and...
  2. Best supplier for good spares.

    Evening all, recently joined the forum after buying myself a ‘93 Transalp. It needs very little doing to it but I’d like to plan some repairs and basics. So, been asked before no doubt, but what’s the best source for buying spares and consumable, cables, electric parts, bearings etc. First off...
  3. Frame oil connections

    Dominator / FMX
    Trying to find out what size thread are the oil connections on my RD08 frame. I know the oil filler cap is M20 x 2.5 Looking to find out what the otherconnections are
  4. Carburettor wires????

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all. I’m building a scrambler / flat tracker from my FMX 650. My standard carb has two sets of electrical connections on it. What are these electrical connections for, what do they do??? I have a Keihen FCR flatslide carb to go on the bike when I’m finished the build but this carb doesn’t...
  5. RD03 Front Brake Light Problem

    Africa Twin
    My brake light isn't working with the front brake. I was hoping a quick clean of the connections at the switch would fix it, but no joy. What else is it that might be the problem. I read one thread where a guy had a broken wire. I'm hoping that isn't what's wrong with mine. Brake light works...
  6. 2004 Honda CB1300 speedo tacho and digital display playing up

    Other Bikes
    Hi, would really appreciate your help with my 2004 Honda CB1300 My bike clocks started playing up and stopped working. bike starts all good and all led lights on the clocks work but not the speedo , tacho , digital display and digital clock.Normally when you turn the ignition on , everything...
  7. Heated grips not getting to temp ?

    Africa Twin
    Im running these heated grips on the AT ... there not getting upto temp ? ive checked all the connections for corrosion and there ok the battery is good and im charging around 14.2 volts ????
  8. Intermitent indicators

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello, I`m new to this group but wondered if anyone could help me with a problem with my 1999 Dominator indicators please? The set on the right side work immediately when the switch is activated but the left hand side have a delay of between a couple of seconds - to not working at all ! I have...
  9. 250s electrics

    Hi folks, I'm trying to sort the electrics out on my recently acquired 79 plate 250s, mainly the lights and switches. On opening up the right hand switch most of it fell out onto the floor and then when opening up the headlight it was just as bad with so mutch black tape and spliced in...
  10. does a FMX centrestand fit on a SLR

    Dominator / FMX
    So... thats basically it. There's a fmx SW-motech centre stand on sale for 70 bucks, and I was wondering if it will fit my SLR. Are the connections on both bikes the same? Cheers. Link
  11. Rdo7 problem

    Africa Twin
    Hi A newbie to the forum, just picked up a pristine rdo7 with 7500 miles on the clock, 1st ride last week it ran like a dream, took it out today keep stalling on choke on initial start up tried various positions no good, rode for a while all sounding good but no power , full throttle it would...
  12. Help needed Japanese RD03!

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone, I would really appreciate the help of some experts! My headlight setup and harness is the same as in the picture below. I can't find the headlight relays? It's H4 bulbs so I would assume that a relay is required? The only three relay I can find (either by connections available on my...
  13. For Sale: XRV750 MOSFET Reg/Rec (Voltage Regulator/Rectifier)

    For Sale / Wanted
    Purchased in error! Brand new Shindengen FH012AA MOSFET Reg/Rec In line splash proof maxi-fuse holder & 30A fuse 10AWG black/red cables to go to battery 12AWG yellow cables to go to alternator And all crimps to suit (or use your own connectors or soldered joints as you wish) (NB: Crimped...
  14. Regulator connector

    Africa Twin
    When stripping out the underseat tray I separated the square(ish) connector on the regulator and found the connections to be burnt looking! Should I be worried about this? Should I replace the connectors and if so where from? Help anyone? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Wanted: Wanted Tripmaster

    For Sale / Wanted
    My tripmaster started playing up (not registering distance) after a few searches on here decided the capacitors were the likely culprit. I couldn't even see the soldered connections let alone do the job so I trusted it to a local electronics repair guy, he replaced all the capacitors but now it...
  16. Rear brake light silliness

    So it works But only seems to when the engine is running? Is this a "TRANSALP" thing? I'm putting her into full time service next week so will get to looking at the connections and voltages then but wondered if this is one of thos known issues.
  17. Really bad news.

    Dominator / FMX
    I took my bike to an elecrician to wire my project up six weeks ago and its still not done. I called him up and he told me that my CDI is not working. The dopey prick has done a welding job on my frame and didnt take the battery connections off and has fried it. I have told him I want my bike...
  18. Rear indicators installation

    Africa Twin
    Hi, today my left rear indicator just broke off, i guess due to aged rubber.... I got replacement but how is this bloody thing installed, do I have to disassemble the complete tail section? I found a plastic cover that contains the indicators connections but how to fiddle the cables thru...
  19. Sat Nav Mount not chraging

    Bike Comms & Audio
    Hi all, any tips would be most welcome. I swapped my sat nav mount from the old to the new dero, only to find out that the sat nav does not recharge while mounted on the bike.....connections to the battery checked and seem to be ok. Would it be the deck itself .....? Grazie mille
  20. So far so good with my A/T.

    Africa Twin
    It's always a bit of a potential unknown buying a used bike but so far so good with my recently purchased A/T,the front rim had minimal corrosion on the inside when I changed the tyre (not done the back one yet but outwardly the rim looks 100%),the output shaft only has a bit of wear,no burnt...