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  1. Dominator crank knock---needle bearing

    Dominator / FMX
    hello well, my dominator started knocking when it heats up. some 2min. after startup. i think that the needle bearing between the crank and conrod is f**ked is it possible to replace only the needle bearing and if so what is the part number? thanx
  2. Need advice on installing new conrod on my XR650R

    Guys, I'm installing a new Falicon rod on my pig, and need some advice about the procedure. I live in Vietnam, and there are no fancy workshops around. There is a machine shop that does this for a living ... but they have probably never worked on this kind of crank, just diesel engines from...
  3. XR400 cranshaft conrod

    Help! - Can anybody tell me how to go about fitting a new conrod to an XR400 i.e. do I have to get the balance shaft gear off - how to I replace it correctly, how do I align the crank halves when re-assembling the thing. Any help would be appreciated. Alternatively - does anybody in the...
  4. dr350 conrod and crankshaft

    Hello Folks, Moving on to my next problem. Top end is off for a new piston, re-bore etc, so I thought may as well check the conrod and crankshaft to see what condition they are in! I noticed a slight movement in the bottom end, where conrod connections to the crankshaft. In addition, there is...
  5. Conrod side to side play?

    The conrod has about 2-3mm side to side free play in it.Just wondering what would be the result if i continue to ride it like this??? I'm fitting new piston and rings (basicly doing a top end re-build) but i have no idea how to go on about sorting the conrod out? guessing it would involve...
  6. 1985 XR250 conrod trouble?

    Sorry for duplicate post guys. Hello, I could do with your help please. I've got the motor completely stripped down to check the crankshaft. Reason I did it was at idle I'm sure I could hear a slight rumble/knocking in the bottom end. Got the...
  7. XR 400 Crank / conrod

    Hi all, I'm new at this so bear with me if I sound dum! I have just started rebuilding the old engine off my 99 xr 400 which let go massively. I've deciced to go for the 440 big bore kit as the old sleeve had two big chunks out of it. As The job goes on I also added to the shopppin list a new...
  8. Conrod Failure

    Has anybody else out there had metal fatique in there conrod causing it to fail, like this one did. this is from a 1999 xr400ry. I took it to local honda dealers who said they,ve never seen anything like it. I contacted Honda uk after sales and they said they couldn't warrant sending it back to...
  9. conrod kits

    does anybody out there know the best/ cheapest place to get an xr400 conrod. heard a nasty rattle last week carried on riding as know xr motor's are bullit proof. Then it stop got recovered home. stripped motor apart found small end of conrod has snapped, the piston slapped and split my liner in...