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  1. Open consultation: Improving moped and motorcycle training

    Africa Twin Give your views by Friday 17 February 2017.
  2. Open consultation: Improving moped and motorcycle training

    Transalp Give your views by Friday 17 February 2017.
  3. Open consultation: Improving moped and motorcycle training

    Summary: Changes to moped and motorcycle training to make sure newly-qualified riders are better prepared for riding on modern roads. Should motorcyclists be able to upgrade their licence to ride larger bikes by taking a training course, instead of having to take more tests ? Give your views...
  4. Tapatalk support to be discontinuied in favour of app

    Something that anyone who uses Tapatalk should be aware of. Verticalscope have their own apparently ad-ridden and somewhat buggy app that they want everyone to use instead of Tapatalk. There is also a paid version too. How do I know? Well, on the UK KTM Forum, Tapatalk was suddenly switched...
  5. Fixed penalties to increase from next month

    Just had the latest update from VOSA Department for Transport have recently announced that fixed penalty levels are expected to increase from July 2013. The changes are being introduced following an extensive public consultation which took place in 2012 with the road safety groups and Police...
  6. Peak District Protest meeting, 24th March (from TRF)

    If you have not heard already The Peak District National Park Authority ignored our presentations and those of the PDLAF (Peak District Land Access Forum) and voted to go to consultation for permanent TRO’s on Chapel Gate and pressing ahead with their plans to banish us from the main routes in...
  7. Should bike tests be in foreign languages?

    There is a consultation out on the subject. There is pretty much zero risk of fraud for bikes but is a driver who can't speak or read English a risk on the roads? DSA asks if tests should be in languages other than English |
  8. More consersative brilliance.

    Still think that the money grabbing, self serving, hypocritical bastards that call themselves the conserative party have your best interests at heart? Well, think again - Redundancy talks period to be cut from 90 days to 45 days. I wonder how many of these tory idiots have had to go through the...
  9. Should speeding lead to second driving test?

    The government is consulting on having a second test that will involve double the practical element of the standard test for a whole range of driving ban offences - anything that results in a ban for more than 56 days. So riding at 100mph on a motorway, for example. You wouldn't necessarily...
  10. Derbyshire South Yorks TRF -Anti TRO Protest

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Dear Member, past or present, As you will be aware, Trail Riding is under threat from proposed TROs on 2 primary Peak District routes, Long Causeway (Stanage Edge) and Roych Clough. This is coming from the Peak District National Park Board who are being pressured by a small number of...
  11. Peak District 'off-road' questionnaire please spare 5 mins

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Many of the Xrv members have enjoyed the peak district's riding and trails. The council have a 5 minute questionnaire about their policy for 'off-road' routes. Please fill it in even if you don't ride there- the questions are the same ones that should be asked for the area you are. We need as...
  12. Redundancy on the cards again, do I sell my story?

    Hi Guys, Just found out this morning that the company I work for is about to enter into consultation and will probably be laying off around 100 people. We havent been told who/what departments etc etc but there is always a chance that I could be one of the unlucky ones. We have also been told...
  13. Forestry Commission Land Usage - help required

    I've just had this email requesting help for making our wonderful government aware that the ramblers association are not the only vested interest group. I know thers one or two off roaders on here. :rolleyes: So thought I'd post it up just in case you don't already know about it. Please see...
  14. URGENT !!! all trail users.

    Peak district. . . Chapelgate BOAT under threat of TRO closure. As many members here enjoy trail riding, please take a look at this. All info is on this page. Chapel Gate consultation Chapelgate was recently classified as a 'byeway open to all traffic', now the peak authority want to close...
  15. Mag Press Release: EU MOT

    MAG PRESS RELEASE 09-09-10 The European Commission has launched an internet consultation to gauge reaction to the idea of a standardised EU MOT which might be far more demanding than the British one. They are also considering increasing the frequency of inspections and a requirement to...
  16. I had a brothel towed away today.

    I'm reconstructing a dingy old road underneath railway arches in Bethnal Green at the moment. It's a dark granite sett road with grimy, bird crap covered footways. For years it's been full to the brim with half worked on cars from the local garages (including the cockney and indian bloke off the...
  17. National 50MPH speed limit

    We received a petition asking: “We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to not reduce the national speed limit to 50mph.” Details of Petition: “Following the announcement that the government is planning to reduce the national speed limit to 50 miles per hour, we the undersigned oppose...
  18. London Bus Lanes Access - Sorry if a repeat

    All Apparently the cyclist lobby groups have been having great success in getting their members to oppose the use of London's Red Route Bus Lanes by motorcyclists. We need more of us to fill in the form to counter their offensive :hitler: Please click on the following link to TFL's website...
  19. Urgent Action Needed

    From the TRF website... The part that needs your objection is on page 98 of the pdf. If everyone could write just a brief email saying that you object to the expressions used within Table 7.2.2 that would be useful. You could just say 'Please remove the first item from Table 7.2.2"...
  20. Well that was depressing :-(

    Had my GP consultation following from my MRI scan today and it wasn't good news:( Sorry if I've got this middled up but she said..... L4/S2 bulging, pressing on LH and RH nerve, signs of rhumatism (spell?) L5/S1 heamoraged(spell again) to LHS affecting sciatic nerve:( Reccomondation surgery:(...