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  1. A contrast in DR

    If anyones on the lookout for a tidy trallie take your choice SUZUKI DR 350 SEW BLACK 1998 | eBay and the same thing on a more expensive scale 1999 SUZUKI DR 350 SEX BLACK CLEAN LOW MILEAGE BIKE | eBay
  2. Thanks Heidenau

    Africa Twin
    Just ready to replace my worn K60s. They've done just over 13,000 miles. The front is more worn than yours in the pic Tramp. I have similar tread left in the middle but less on the edges. The rear has 4mm left in the middle and 6mm at the very edge, however after a spirited early morning thrash...
  3. Permission to say arse ? A muppet tries a rebuild.

    Africa Twin
    In contrast to Thunders super job I thought I might give you a laugh. A short history - I've had the bike about five years and have washed it about five times so it had gotten a bit tatty, especially as I like to get it muddy. It's been bugging me a while, and when I got a front flat that was...
  4. Pinlock for Shoei Hornet DS

    Mechanical Advice
    Anyone tested these? Shoei Hornet DS Pinlock anti-fog Insert Yellow (For high contrast vision) £17.99 Hornet Pinlock anti-fog Insert Yellow (For high contrast vision) - Genuine Race Visors, Pinlock, Motorcycle Helmets
  5. Showa shock question - OK or rebuild?

    Africa Twin
    The shock on my RD04 AT is looking a bit sorry for itself, with a really rusty spring, and although it still seems to work OK, I'm guessing with it's age and the milage on the bike it'll probably be a bit tired by now (just don't know enough about shocks myself to say for sure and have only...
  6. Hello from the dark side - newbie

    Hi guys. I just bought a low mileage 56 plate TransAlp as a winter bike. I hope I've done the right thing. My day to day bike is a tweaked Triumph Rocket 3 that I plan to lay up over the wet winter months. Salty, muddy roads are not its favourite terrain. So I wanted a go-anywhere bike that...
  7. Old Trans Alp-Want to paint on cheap but which colour and how?

    Mechanical Advice
    I've got a '97 Transalp in black/grey. One panel missing which I've replaced with a litle purple number. I want to give it a wuick cheap face lift and was thinking about going the matt black route. Will a quick rub down after removing the stickers and a couple of coats of halfords matt black or...
  8. 1994 africa twin brake overhaul

    Africa Twin
    Hi all -i have just finished overhauling the front brakes of my 1994 africa twin and i am uncertain as to the postioning of the brake pad spings in the front brake caliper (the back spring by contrast is rather obvious). I have tried several arrangements but all seem a bit haphazzard and none...
  9. Scottish Borders Meet

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Leaving home at 8am, I had arranged to meet Austin at 9.30 in Alston, we were both frozen and hoping to find a cafe for a cuppa and a warm up, unfortunately they were not yet open, so we filled with fuel & headed north on the A689 to Brampton, as we left Alston, the sun came out the air temp...
  10. A Day Ride out to the Left Coast of California

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    It's the last day of my summer holiday, back to the Firehouse tomorrow. To celebrate and to give you all a small view of "my world" I did a 8 hour, 420 mile ride out to the coast and back. So here'll likely be well tired of looking at my Transalp by the end. Start of the...
  11. Sintered pads?

    Africa Twin
    I finally got rid of my horrible EBC OE-replacement front discs and bought a new pair of original Honda/Nissin discs (relatively cheap these days from David Silver so no excuse to get anything less). I bought some pads as well at the same time, they turned out to be Armstrong sintered ones (not...