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  1. Recovered alp rebuild project

    Following the theft and subsequent recovery last March of my old transalp 600 (in pieces). I'm now gearing up for a project. I have most big parts from my alp here with a frame from a bike a friend broke for spares. As this will never be/feel like the same bike it was, I'm planning a few...
  2. For Sale: Vango Omega 350

    For Sale / Wanted
  3. YACO (Yet another Chain Oiler)

    Bodgers Corner
    I wanted to get rid of the sticky spray lube for the chain and intended to build my own chain oiler.<br> My main objectives were: low tech, independent from motor vacuum or electricity/electronics. full manual control of the amount of oil being applied, depending on road or weather conditions...
  4. Got another one!

    Dominator / FMX
    Help! This is getting out of control. Just picked up an '03 Vigor in Yellow to add to the fleet. I really need to stop now - but I love them so much:iconbiggrin:
  5. 'Kosovo Force' 600 Transalp

    Greek Police/KFOR. 2007 Need for speed: (above)The MP coy is equipped with the Honda Transalp motorcycle for VIP escorts, patrols and traffic control. With a 600 cc engine, it can go as fast as 200 km/h on the open road. Has anyone...
  6. For Sale: Keep the winter rust at bay with ACF-50!

    For Sale / Wanted
    With summer coming to a close, autumn is just around the corner. Of course, once autumn is out of the way, we've got winter to look forward to, and we all know what the greatest danger to our vehicle over winter is...RUST! Opie Oils can help you keep the rust and corrosion at bay, thanks to our...
  7. New SD01 Owner in South Australia

    Finally got my first decent ride on this new acquired bike today. :D After a little suspension and carby tuning, I think I'm going to like it! My main concern is how much the fairing rattles and moves about on rougher tracks. Not sure what I can do about it, though. It came with lots of...
  8. Man down. Takoda Paul!

    From ABR this evening. I know many of you on here will know Paul Holroyd. Owner of Takoda campsite @ Kirkby Stephen. Last Sunday he was doing his job as a Highways agency officer protecting people on the M6 when an out of control car hit him and his colegue at the scene of an accident. Paul...
  9. Rider modes

    Hi, I took the TA to work yesterday. It was frosty so I selected the correct rider mode, adjusted the screen for the speed I would be travelling, adjusted the suspension, de selected, the traction control, selected launch control, adjusted the lean control abs etc:toothy10: Nah not really I...
  10. Are bikes getting too complicated?

    Africa Twin
    ever get the feeling bikes are getting too complicated? Triumph Tiger Explorer review .... the bike in question (or, at least, the full-spec option) features semi-active suspension, cornering ABS, cruise control, a torque-assist clutch, a Hill-Hold 'handbrake' function, a traction control...
  11. XRV750 won't start, fuel pump not running and no sparks??

    Africa Twin
    Hi Gents, I'm new her, my name is Stijn, I'm from Amsterdam (bitterly cold at the moment) and yesterday I thought I was gonna take the bike to the city... I'm sorry to straight away after joining the forum start asking questions but until yesterday my AT had never let me down :-( After...
  12. Quick fix.

    My son has just sold his moped and gave me half his money to pay me back the cash I loaned him to buy this last year. He hasnt taken his test yet so were going to change all the control cables ,new brakes and a chain and sprocket set. The tank is off and under going electrolysis and you wont...
  13. For Sale: realflight G4 remote control flight sim

    For Sale / Wanted
    realflight G4 remote control flight sim now sold SOLD This is brilliant I really enjoyed playing this and very much like flying the real thing but I upgraded to window 7 and it wont play on my computer now so the operating system you need is Windows XP or Vista. Practise using this will save...
  14. Help please XR250 L or MD30 ?

    I have a 2004 xr250 l I think, some people have said its an MD30. its a jap import with elec start only, upside down forks and emission control crap on it. I have striped the engine to do the 279 big bore. then broke my shoulders in a bike accident so have been away from the rebuild for 3 months...
  15. For Sale: Heated Grips

    For Sale / Wanted
    Not the greatest time of year, but the clear out continues, I have a pair of used but vgc Dr Bike heated grips with dial temp control and super easy to wire in. £25 to your UK door, can whiz a piccie over if pm an email.
  16. Varadero XL1000 rear brake dragging

    Hi all, I have a '99 Varadero and here's the problem: Apply the front brake and it releases ok. However, it doesn't activate the rear caliper. Apply the rear brake and it activates both front and rear calipers but doesn't release the rear one properly, which continues to drag. It releases...
  17. Highest mileage FX/SLR/FMX and cruising RPM

    Dominator / FMX
    Right folks, just thought I'd poll opinions here on what sort of speed/RPM you sit your FX/SLR/FMX at when on long motorway runs, when fitted with the standard gearing combination? I'll start the ball rolling with 60-65MPH indicated at about 4500RPM, the reason I pick this speed is that 4500RPM...
  18. Honda heated grips

    How to.....
    It's probably the wrong time of year (hopefully) to rabbit on about heated grips, but I think I've found a solution to a glitch with the official Honda grips I fitted several years back. The problem was that all three red lights on the control panel would flash rapidly and for no apparent...
  19. Last Two Items for sale

    I have on flea-bay my pivot pegs and fuel exhaust for sale which I had on my XL700, The exhaust sounds much better than stock and the pegs makes so much better in turns of control. Links below if you want to look... Search item numbers 151648384957 151648392512 PM me if you want make a deal.
  20. Erratic Tickover

    My 1979 XL250s is causing me a bit of a problem in that its unreliable because I have stripped the carb twice and used a service kit for needle, jets and gaskets,but after setting it up to the book and as best I know how, tick over varies so much and at times makes it difficult to control or...