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  1. Folding gear and brake levers??

    Question 1... is it called lever or pedal when its the ones controlled by your feet?? Question 2... Can anyone tell me where to get foldable levers/pedals for the Vara. Cant find any when searching the web.
  2. Crosstourer has landed

    I had no idea what to expect from the Crosstourer. But no matter what I wrote about it, I knew what I could expect from comments on it’s not a new Africa Twin; Honda should make a new Africa Twin. Well, the Crosstourer is not the new Africa Twin. Its seat is comfortable, for a start...
  3. Vader a radio controlled model just for you

  4. back in nam! homecoming run with mates

    Africa Twin
    so after a few days at home after the long trips, i started itching again (penicilin does not help fr this disease!) just wanted to go riding in the desert with my mates, and feel the freedom of not schlepping something resembeling a sherman tank around!......freedom at last. the usual suspects...
  5. XT1200Z Super Tenere Thread

    Well I thought I'd start a thread going since I bought a new Super Ten. Logged 280 miles so far in a couple of weeks. I still don't have any pics... it always seems to be raining or dark by the time I get round to thinking about pics. So what do I like about it..... The sound.... it's a...
  6. Even the banana and jelly babies couldn't save me this time...

    Well, today was the day of my Mod 1 test. Despite some intensive practice just lately (many many thanks to Chris, Dave and Sandy at Charnwood), I woke with a sick feeling in my stomach. I followed advice from Instructor no. 1 and started the day with a banana for slow release of energy. I set...
  7. Honda Crossrunner Technical Specs

    Crossrunner Technical Specs
    ENGINE Type Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 16-valve DOHC 90° V-4 Displacement 782cm3 Bore x Stroke 72 x 48mm Compression Ratio 11.6 : 1 Max. Power Output 74.9kW/10,000min-1 (95/1/EC) Max. Torque 72.8Nm/9,500min-1 (95/1/EC) Idling Speed 1,200min-1 Oil Capacity 3.8 litres...
  8. Honda Crossrunner

    Straight from the Honda press release (sorry bit of a rush) (pics at the end) The Crossrunner represents the best aspects of two separate biking genres: the flexibility and exciting attitude of a Naked performance machine with the upright riding position and rugged appearance of an adventure...
  9. Modern mans finest hour

    I just watched the first two Chilean miners come to the surface in Fenix 2. What those guys have been through defies words. Can you imagine what those first 17 days must have been like for them, not knowing if you'd be found, or even if anyone was looking for you anymore, and had abandoned you...
  10. Parcel Mystery

    in the past couple of weeks I have had three parcels delivered that were in their original undamaged jiffy bags. They were correctly addressed but they seemed to take slightly longer to arrive than I expected. All three had been inside clear and red plastic bags with the words re direction and...
  11. First Impressions of new (to me) TA650 Photos and some questions

    Hi All, Here are some comments on my new purchase a 2007 650 Transalp. I have a few general questions at the bottom if anyone can enlighten me! I got the TA to replace my KLR650 Cmodel which was stolen. Comming straight from the KLR most of my comments are a comparsion against it. Prior to the...
  12. Test rode a 700!

    I woke up on Thursday (was off work) & thought "I fancy a go on a 700 Alp" - I'm not one for test riding a bike just for the sake of it but have recently spoken to people who have experienced both & I have been left more than a little intrigued, so I decided to pop into Hunts of Manchester...
  13. Removing TA650 Emissions Rubbish

    One of the fettling jobs on my latest bike was to replace the carb rubbers. So, while the airbox was off and the carbs out, I decided to investigate the emissions system that adds fresh air into the exhaust ports. It's a fairly simple system. There is a drilling through the cam cover all the...
  14. What a delight - my brakes work!

    Africa Twin
    A few weeks ago I reported terrible juddering on my brakes under braking. Yesterday I did a complete refurb of my brakes less dust seals (as I packed out the slots with grease) and fitted a spare disc as one was warped and wahey!! Smooooooooth braking, nooooooooooooo juddering and controlled...
  15. Getting into the right frame of Mind

    So after the ups and downs of the weekend , I decided to start a new thread. It was really a story of 2 days.. Saturday: What a lovely day , weather was fine, light winds and some much needed sun.... Headed out for a ride out ... Down south of Aberdeen .. Hitting all the back roads, every...
  16. Lithium Poly Batteries

    Mechanical Advice
    This months PB has a small piece about making your own battery from DeWalt Nano Lithium Ion Poly-something batteries from a cordless drill which looked interesting. Found a few other threads on various forums, mostly radio controlled planes, about the same but nothing simple with motorbikes in...
  17. Oooooh Baby Baby!

    Oooooh Baby Baby! (Now with added visual delights) Not the most exotic location in the world... but just a few snaps taken on a ride out today... before it gets a clean and some TCF50 in the morning! I came, I saw, I agreed mostly with what you guys were saying about the baby Vara...
  18. riding in the rain

    On my way to work this morning in the pouring rain the car in front of me in the left hand lane of an urban duel carriageway decided without indicating to drift into the right hand lane in front of me and then as I slowed down to about 25mph he decided that he wasn't going to carry straight on...
  19. Lulu's Most Excellent Adventure (Part 1)

    This hardly qualifies for a ‘ride report’ (more of a ‘falloffalot’ (™ Alpslapper) report), but mods, if you think I’m in the wrong forum, please feel free to move me on.:angel9: Well, I’ve finally (almost) gone and done it. After a year too full of misadventure to be able to spend time on the...
  20. Gear selector switch

    Africa Twin
    The switch that is controlled by the clutch to enable you to start the bike in gear seems to have malfunctioned. I would try to fix it but don’t know what or where this part is - or called? - Please could someone give me a heads up as to what im looking for thanks guys:thumbup: