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  1. Varadero
    Hi , just had my varadero over a week , spotted that it says grip heater on each grip but they don't get hot and there's no switch or controller for them .... Am I missing something or are they just not working ? They look like genuine Honda grips . Chris
  2. Product Reviews
    I bought a set of OF693 Hot Grips in August 2010. The smart revised push-button controller has failed even though I've only used them maybe half a dozen times. The old rotary controller was great but that's progress I suppose. So, I contacted the supplier and they are closed and on holiday...
  3. Africa Twin
    Guys, My Oxford Heated grips Controller (the old model with the round knob and led light) packed up and I need a replacement - just the controller if possible - I found one on ebay but he's not shipping to India :( ...... Any leads will be greatly appreciated :thumb:
  4. Accessories
    Are they all virtually invisible or is it just mine, brand new fitted today, all works but I can only see the lights if I cowl my hands around the controller???
  5. Discounts / Deals
    Anyone interested in EXO2 heated vests, the Stormrider version that retails out at £179.99? I know a guy who works in a factory that has just taken over the EXO2 distribution and I have bought a Stormrider vest and controller. He might be able to get some more and he is knocking them out for...
1-5 of 6 Results