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  1. Africa Twin RD03 Conversion Value

    Africa Twin
    Hello all, I am in the middle of converting my US-spec Transalp to an Africa Twin RD03. The frame and most parts carry over to both models. I am using all original Africa Twin parts when possible and upgrade parts elsewhere. All parts are being powder coated or refurbished. In the end...
  2. BA20D (Non-H4) HID Conversion Kit with Electrical Ballasts

    Africa Twin
    XRV Forum Members: Hello and happy holidays! I am writing to learn of the availability of a HID conversion kit for my 1991 Italian XRV750 RD04 with BA20D bulbs or lamps. The current bulb is stamped with HERT4 12V35/35W. Since the American websites for Amazon, ebay and Google, do not...
  3. Transalp tank on my Rd04.

    Africa Twin
    I know a few have members have done this conversion, my question is do I have to have a petrol pump ?
  4. Greetings /My bike/ JE big bore Question

    Africa Twin
    Hello, I have been reading the forum since years but that's my first post, so finally greetings everyone! My name is Orestis and this is my beloved and abused xrv: My bike's main modifications are: Boano Sachs 48mm fork, Nitron ntr pro shock, jetting/pump/air/exhaust, controls/levers etc...
  5. speedo conversion for wp48

    Africa Twin
    Hi! So, I've made the wp48 conversion with the single 320mm disc brake, the brembo calipers and the excel rim. The whole front end from a 450 sxf ktm. Now I've got a problem that I didn´t think of: I've got an analog odomoter and a digital pick up (magnetic) wheel and spindle. There's no space...
  6. Tripmaster -> Garmin conversion Moun

    Africa Twin
    Got my hands on a gratis Garmin Zumo 396LMT-S Motorcycle GPS, so decided to replace the TripMaster (which on mine was still fully functioning!) Anyway, I used my 3D printer to make up a bracket to mount the Garmin on the original tripmaster mounts. I have the 3D models if anyone wants to...
  7. KTM fork conversion fitting Rugged roads adaptor help

    Africa Twin
    Does anyone know how to remove the lower triple clamp from a set of ktm 950 forks? I have the bearings off but the steering tube is stuck solid and my finger cant't take another whack with the lump hammer. Also when I get this off how do I fit the adaptor back in? Thanks
  8. engine worth ?

    What's it worth?
    hi , what would a 46k miles rd04 engine with a stefter conversion be worth ? ( on ebay ) and what price would a rd04 uk frame be worth ? thanks guys dave
  9. For Sale: Africa Twin RD07/RD07a forks

    For Sale / Wanted
    Coming soon: my spare pair of RD07a forks (also fit RD07, but don't have the valve for "air assistance" in the fork cap). I don't think these fit an RD04. I say "coming soon" as I have one sheared fork brace bolt to remove :hmph: You could have them right away (and cheap) if you were...
  10. anyone done a drum to disc conversion using a kit to keep the drum wheel?.

    Dont want to loose my tubeless rear wheel. so looking at a conversion. anyone done this?.
  11. Honda XL125 points conversion to later CDI?

    Honda XL125 points conversion to later CDI? I notice that the engine cover is different and of course the head. Can the magneto/cover and flywheel be made to fit ? Swap heads and thats about it. Anyone done this?
  12. Nice. tasteful conversion here.

    Transalp :thumbright: should've left the screen stock though....
  13. Wanted: KTM parts for fork conversion

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi All, Managed to track down a good condition pair of ktm 950 Adv forks which has literally taken years of checking ebay now and again. I was wandering if anyone had also started doing a conversion and had any ktm bits laying about. I'm after: front wheel or preferably just the hub full front...
  14. XR400 converting to 440

    Hi Has anyone done the 440cc conversion? If so what are the benefits and drawbacks? I am about to start an engine rebuild and wondered if it's worth doing. Thanks. Ben Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  15. o7 crf 250r front end ..

    Africa Twin
    I have a crf 250 r front end complete wheel too i do need a caliper and m/cylinder but i am toying with the idea of an upgrade .I will wait until i have at least ridden my AT (which i have yet to do )but if any one has actual experience in this conversion i would be interested in hearing how it...
  16. For Sale: Honda Varadero 1000 rear wheel conversion 170 mm

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have a rim from Hornet that fits Varadero as "plug & play", with matching brake disc 5 mm thick, I put original 150 mm rear wheel back on my bike so this is now surplus to requirements. Also set of Metzeler Karoo 3 tyres with around 650 miles on them, for adventerous Vara riders. Please make...
  17. Question: can a XL-600RM made as it look like the sister XL-600R?

    Hello from Italy. I recently purchased and restored an 1987 Xl-600RM: I like how it go, More than I could to imagine. The my premise: I'am a big fan of the original XL-600R but I dislike it because of the foot start... I have problems athe knees and I have the fear of to be in trouble in the...
  18. Need some help with a bodge

    Bodgers Corner
    I have the engine out of the 1970 Triumph T120R TR6 I aquired in Germany and have need of some bodging advice from you experts out there... I have just taken the primary chain case off and totally de-greased it.. On closer inspection it looks like some ham fisted fool has hit it with a hammer...
  19. New member and slr 650 project starter

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi All. I am a new member on here and ill be picking up a new project bike on Sunday. bike in question...... A great base bike as its got a fresh mot and is in tip top mechanical condition. I am looking for some bits and bobs. The idea is to go the semi scrambler rout. Although I...
  20. Dommie street tracker conversion.

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi guys, I'm doing a street tracker conversion on my '94 Dommie. Pulled it out of the weeds after 6 years lying idle and the rear rim is rotted out. I've replaced the entire wheel and bought another rear to put on the front. Checking online for spoke length for the swap all I can find is one...