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  1. Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys, I have a 2000 NX650 which I am in the throws of making it look like an old CR250 Elsinore... Would like to have a kick starter... Can it be done...? I hoping it's just a case of using earlier parts..? Cheers, db.
  2. XR
    Does anybody know how to reset the digital speedo on a xr 250 (2001) from kph to mph the bike is an import I've had a look on other threads on different bikes on here but none seem to work
  3. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Guys After being messed about for 2 months by Touratech I am looking for a Single seat system with the luggage rack extension, any condition considered. I may consider an original dual seat that I will convert myself. call me!
  4. XL
    Hi trying to convert my xl600lmf to twin headlight.Ive managed to get hold of the correct twin headlight set up I just need a photo or diagram of the unit in situ and the mounting brackets if anyone can help.Cheers
  5. I'd like to introduce myself....................
    hi im Trevor I am a convert from the world of the Yamaha fj /fjr I have had xt &xtz as well but a spinal injury some 7 years ago has made me come to the world of the AT. as the sitting position soot's my back I have just got a RD04 in beniton colours . so hi to all trev
  6. XR
    Hi, can anyone give me the the dimensions for a rear disc brake swingarm for xr250/400...i am looking for the distance from pivot to axle and the width of the swingarm at the pivot where it fits into frame as i am looking to convert my xl500s to rear disc. cheers
  7. XR
    hi guys i know this may be pointless but ive been wondering how eist it would be to convert my xr's rear brake from drum to disk? i know il need a new 17" wheel and a disk brake setup and stuff like that but what would be the best way of mounting it all if it could be done and what disk and...
  8. Africa Twin
    Is there any way of fitting an RD07 seat to the RD04 04 seats are like hens teeth but there a few for the 07 on fleabay, I want to convert to a single seat but would like to be able to go back to original if and when I fek it up
  9. Kawasaki
    Hi Guys, I'm new here, being a recent convert to dirt bikes after the ATR event last weekend... Anyone got any thoughts or reccomendations for the KLX650. I am hopefully going to obtain one very soon, and would appreciate any pointers on what I should look for. AND any recommended mods /...
  10. Africa Twin
    I'm in the process of renewing one of the bearings in the suspension linkage of my 2002 RD07A as it was a MoT failure. But I was wondering if it was possible to convert the loose needle bearings to sealed caged bearings. Has anyone done this? Is it worthwhile? What are the benefits? Iain
  11. BMW
    It would be fun to find a cheap R1100 and convert it into a real sturdy carb feed Wüstenschiff. WITEC have some nice examples. They also made a gravel road special on the basis of an R1100R
  12. Transalp
    Hi I bet this has been covered but apologies, couldn't find it. Can I convert a 700 TA's speedo to kph when I go on holiday? Thanks Rob oops... found it dubhe Senior Member Join DateMar 2010LocationNorwich/PortsmouthPosts475Thanks11Thanked 6 Times in 6 Posts Re: 700 MPH/KPH SpeedoHold...
  13. Chatter
    Having spent an hour half-naked in a room with a large rugby player earlier this week I am a complete convert to the osteopathy cause. After six months of aches and stooping I walked out of there and when I got home hit my head on a lampshade I'd never noticed before. Marvellous! If you have...
  14. I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Just picked up my new Transalp yesterday, managed to put just under 200 miles on today (running-in) & have to say it's one hell of a change from the ZZR1400 I used to ride:thumbup:. I live in the normally sunny Suffolk, tend to ride all year round (except ice & snow), look forward to enjoying...
  15. Transalp
    Off to Germany later this month. Looking at the headlamp reflector it appears to be "handed" for riding on the left - the pattern is subtly different from one side to the other. There is nothing in the manual to instruct how to convert/shield the beam for riding on the right. Anyone done...
  16. Dominator / FMX
    Hi:) I've just picked up a new XR 650 L 08 and would like to convert it to a FMX (living in Canada we don't get all the Fancy goodies :( what parts make it FMX ? Is there a parts list available online or PDF ? All help is appreciated Tks Paul B
  17. Africa Twin
    OEM pump failed at 41K, new facet installed (rubber mount a bitch to get on), now running as honda intended. Easier to start, smoother running and better top gear acceleration. Thanks guys for the info.
  18. Transalp
    Hello, another new one here. (Actually, i thought i'd posted this last friday, but can't find it anywhere.) Age 46 and haven't even learned to drive a car yet. (Spent twenty years living in Brighton - no real need/use for motorised transport: the traffic's appalling.) CBT in April and Suzuki...
  19. Africa Twin
    Just thought id say hi! :hello2: My son talked me into getting an @ back in may and to be honest i wasn't sure what to expect with my last bike being a vtr1000, the @ looked like an iron horse and felt just as heavy but i needn't have worried it's a joy to ride and i actually feel like going...
1-19 of 19 Results