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  1. Africa Twin
    OK so I'm on a roll now asking questions! Bike warms up lovely when stationary, temperature gauge showing where it should be however, as soon as I start riding gauge drops to zero. I'm guessing that either a/ Thermostat knackered b/ Thermostat doesn't exist. If either a or b I need to replace...
  2. Africa Twin
    Bike came this am snd seems fine, brakes needed bleeding and a flat battery which is being charged. First weirdism. The cooling fans come on when I turn the ignitition on. Is this normal?
  3. Africa Twin
    On the cooling fan where does the seperate green wire go with the round connector go. Is it an earth
  4. Transalp
    I was thinking of buying a pair of Touratech radiator covers for my 700 Transalp but was concerned incase they shield the radiators too much and prevent cooling, I have read that several people mention the 700 engine runs hot at the best of times. Can anyone advise me at all.
  5. Varadero
    My radiators have a good build up of limescale which i would like to remove thinking of using this Halfords | Holts Radflush 2-Step (2x250ml) or this Halfords | Bars Flush Cooling System Cleaner anyone used these? are they safe to use on a motorbike?!
  6. BMW
    One of the fins on the barrels is bent on the R45. It's not hugely noticeable and I could live with it but it would be nice if it was straight. Thing is I don't want to break it as I rather have a bent fin than a broken one. Is it possible to straighten or should I leave well alone?
  7. Yamaha
    35°59'20.01"N 14°19'44.89"E - Cirkewwa, Malta. Bugger, just missed the 10:30 ferry. Later, 36° 1'9.68"N 14°17'18.82"E - Xatt l-Ahamar, Gozo. From within the cooling waters. After, 36° 1'4.41"N 14°16'57.99"E - Xatt l-Ahamar, Gozo. Along the coastal path, pause to pose with TTR250 and pale...
  8. Africa Twin
    hi .. I have an AT 750 from 92 and I want to change the coolant, get all the old out and in with something new but, I do not know how to do it, are there an instruction in here, or maybe a video or pictures ? are looked on youtube and i found 2 clips, but not on AT , do AT also have...
  9. Mechanical Advice
    Hi - posted this in XL forum, but maybe this is the correct place? I'm a newbie been lent XL250 degree to look after and keep running. Cooling system pretty bad: Nothing in the overflow tank, can't even see any liquid in the radiator when I shine a light in. What I can see is that the...
  10. XL
    Hi - total newbie to dirt bikes here. Been lent a not-so-tip-top Honda XL250 Degree by a colleague, need to keep it up and running. Problem no.1 (which you can't solve!) is I live in rural Cambodia - no mechanics here who I'd trust with anything beyond pumping the tyres. They just haven't ever...
  11. Africa Twin
    Ok, so call me a worrier ... Tomorrow I'm going to flush the cooling system and stick in this AF liquid I bought today. Now, things down here can be somewhat dodgy ... Like they forgot the 'o' in 'overheating' ... and the store struggled to find 3 bottles that hadn't been opened. Does the...
  12. Mechanical Advice
    Planning to take my @ to hotter climes (Oz) and been thinking about better regulator cooling. Increased airflow seems the obvious solution, and I've seen a few comments on fans being fitted: presumably computer cooling types. Any advice on suitable units? Had a thought about relocating the...
  13. Transalp
    Hi Guys, I have a funny one and the threats I read don't give the solution. My TA, just bought a used one, the temp does not get out of the left corner, only running idle for 20 minutes and then it goes. Put some paper in front of the radiator and yes, there she goes..... So.... Thermostat...
  14. Transalp
    My TA is almost always running on very low temperature, however at an incident this summer when it was a total halt in traffic (in a tunnel) the temperature rose quite a lot (more than half on the scale) and i did not notice if the fan started running. But, for those with similar bikes, what is...
  15. Transalp
    I recently change my cooling liquid with Valvoline Permafluid extreme. At the same time i started to have leak of cooling liquid from the small cylinder which you can see at the picture. Can i change this part without dissasembly the cylinders of the engine. Can i only change the O'rings so...
  16. Africa Twin
    Anyone replace cooling fan with anthing other than stock? The motor is bad on mine and Honda only made it for the @. I will check with my local dealer and try to get him to order direct from Japan, but if anyone can help, that would be awsome!
  17. Africa Twin
    When testing the bike it became overheated and the Cooling Fan did not turn on. So I checked the fuse .. Hmm, Looks Ok. So I removed the tank and the Fan, hooked it on 12 V and it turned. I measured the connector comming from the bike, no 12 V?!?! :confused: Let's check the fuse again, Looks ok...
  18. Africa Twin
    Hi, Here I am again... Is there a simple way to test the cooling fan and the thermostat which controls it? I'm trying to avoid to let the engine run untill it kicks in... or not if it appears broken... :? Cheers! T.
1-18 of 18 Results