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  1. Standing/riding

    Any of you lot ever been pulled for standing up on the pegs whilst negotiating bumpy bits of public road ? Tomorrow, I have to go see a Maltese cop, that saw me standing on the pegs as I was going over an undulating stretch of Maltese public tarmac.
  2. Don't forget to zip up those jackets

    Got pulled tonight filtering through traffic on the regular commute home down the Strand in Liverpool. Bike cop, blue lights, siren the works, I'm thinking what did I do? Its taxed, tested, insured, I don't run red lights and generally abide by the rules of the road. Pulled because i didn't have...
  3. French speed cop.

    Read and weep!
  4. in-helmet headphones/earphones illegal?

    entering the valencia motogp campsite last month, a bike traffic cop gestured that i should remove my earphones( wires coming out under the helmet). i stopped and asked him why and he said its illegal (in spain). i had it for mp3 and sat-nav. is it the same in the uk? does that mean ear-plugs...
  5. Fair Cop

    I have a site hack for working on Skye, it's a Citroen Nemo van, great little thing for grifting along the deserted roads on Skye. Know I shouldn't, but I'm in and out of the van that much that I rarely put my driver's seat belt on, I just stick the passenger seat belt clip into my drivers...
  6. Sweet, swift justice!!

    I couldn't help but smile :grin: What a fair cop... we could do with him in the UK please!! BBC News - Motorbike robbery at gunpoint caught on camera
  7. Who says there is never a cop when you need one?

    Overly long video, but you only need to watch the first couple of minutes. :iconbiggrin: Andy.
  8. TA Damaged.

    At 6:30 this evening, from a distance that precluded direct action/intervention, watched in increasing disbelief, then shock, as a blind driver reversed their Freelander into my Transalp ... knocking my TA over Crash ! onto it's right hand side ... Hit and run Freelander then sped away ... but...
  9. credit where it's due

    ok, he's a yank... & a cop.... but.... pretty good all the same. Spectacular Motorcycle Riding Skills on MSN Video
  10. Sorry did not see you

    A couple of flashing blue lights and a lorry proof jacket dont make you invinceable... // Media » Ongeval A7