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  1. Fixed my neutral switch....

    I was told it was intermittent when I bought the bike, and had been checked out and nothing seen to be wrong. So, investigations were made, and I soon discovered it barely reached the contact point inside the gearbox. I’ll probably order a new one, maybe, and I didn’t want to leave the copper...
  2. valve cover gasket thickness

    Hey guys It's been a while since I posted as I've had a difficult year emotionally etc, but alas, I have a question of an XR400 nature. I sprayed my valve cover earlier in the year and renewed the copper washers on the rocker pivot bolts as I had an oil weep, and when refitting, I used a new...
  3. Copper washer on magnito casing side

    Africa Twin Technical Specs
    Putting casing back on after blasting + powder coating. Kept all bolts in position through a piece of cardboard. One of the 3 long bolts that holds the outside cover of the stater / pick-up cover on has a copper washer on it. I cannot remember putting it on the bolt, but must have done !! Does...
  4. my version of chain oiler

    This is my interpretation of a chain oiler. Initial ideea was a gravity based drip with some sort of auto-off when engine is not running. Materials used: Plastic bottle(preferably HDPE to withstand oil in the long run) 1/4 brass barbed connector 6MM gasoline hose 5mm copper brake pipe 1/4...
  5. Exhaust collector's copper rings

    Africa Twin
    I sweared over and over last night when I reinstalled the RD07's collector. I tried fitting them using the copper rings and it was impossible. The collector would always be crooked. I tried half a dozen ways without success... I finally decided to reinstall it without the crush copper rings...
  6. AT RD07 neutral switch

    Africa Twin
    Hi whenever changing the neutral switch beside the sprocket ,whenever unscrewed and taken out does the oil flow out or can this be done mid trip if I needed to . The reason I ask is I think mine is beginning to act up and i have ordered one which should arrive tomorrow ,but I ,m away on...
  7. XR400 E-Start Wiring Help

    I am progressing very slowly with my XR400 E-Start conversion.....I'm rubbish at electrics, but the engine now turns over on the button :) I have found a break in the insulation on a wire running to the regulator (The copper core is fine and unaffected). I could cut the wire further back and...
  8. New legal tender!

    In comparison to gold, this could be legal tender. It's more expensive, at £2.75 each.:mad: Honda are ridiculous for their prices for small items. They wanted £2.80 for one the tiny copper washer at the bottom of the front...
  9. RD02 Oil line gaskets

    Dominator / FMX
    My Dommie is leaking oil from where the oil lines fit into the engine casing :(:(:( On the oil lines there is a 10mm oil ring and the price to get two of em sent over from CMS to Denmark is €22. Are these made out of some special space age material or would any 10mm oil ring be ok,maybe copper...
  10. lubrication oxidised electrical connectors

    Africa Twin
    Hi All. Just preparing bike for winter have some electric connection oxidized , want lubricate them but not sure what to use Any recommendations ? Sometimes I use vaseline on battery is there specific grease can be used like copper grease or vaseline be ok ? VAL Africa Twin , BMW R1100RT, 2...
  11. ht leads, copper or silicone core, which is orig/better

    Africa Twin
    RD04 ht leads, copper, graphite or silicone core, which is orig/better? thanks
  12. death by mobile phone

    Appears if you use your mobile phone on your lap,kill someone and are a copper the law is different Death crash policewoman escapes charges because
  13. Just wondering.....

    Mechanical Advice
    If anyone has any thoughts on using red brake grease for caliper slider pins, I have always used copper grease in the past but it seems to go all sticky after a while plus I have been told it is not good for the rubber sleeves. Any advice, comments, abuse etc? :icon_smile: Andy.
  14. stripped threads oil drain plug hole

    so I rethreaded it with a thread repair kit which threads it one size up from 14 to 15, that went fine. plug went in, thightened ok, washer squashed, still seeping a drop of oil, less than before with the threadless hole and 14 bolt, but still dripping, maybe 1 drop every 2-3 minutes (before it...
  15. Torquing bolts

    Put the brake calipers on yesterday after mounting wheel and managed to snap 2 bolts. Im known as a right heavy handed biff but I was using a torque wrench set at 30NM. Do they get weak over years? Or was it because they had copper slip on that they just kept tightening ?? Luckily I managed to...
  16. Exhaust Removal and Replacement

    Africa Twin
    Got my exhaust off for the Center Stand today without too much drama. One of the bolts on my 11 year old exhaust clamps was rusted, but was eventually persuaded to break free after a good soak in PB Blaster. One of my new Venom exhaust clamp bolts broke though. It's less than a year old...
  17. Had to call the police to the cab tonight.

    There was two women fighting outside the cab.....over ME! I told the copper and he said "So...what's the problem?" I said...."The fat one's WINNING!" Sorry.......:toothy5:......... Well.....It wouldn't have worked in the jokes section...:confused:
  18. Standard Copper Core or iridium

    Mechanical Advice
    I am doing the 8000 mile service and they say to change the spark plugs Do I choose Standard Copper Core or iridium £3.99 and £10.49. If the iridium ones are so good, why change them? Will the copper cores last the 8000 miles ? The handbook recomends copper. 2006 transalp
  19. Numpty drivers now think i'm a copper!

    Finally got my standard front mug guard arrive in the post today to replace the MX one that fell off. I bought a cheap white one off e-bay and was planning to spray it black to match the bike. But it turns out it is white with the reflective blue & Yellow Police markings on it still. So fitted...