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  1. 650 transalp front wheel issue

    Hi all, just asking.... my alp developed a "clicking" which initialy i thought was transmission related but have now established it is front end as it dissapears on using front brake. Especially notable on slow cornering. i am about to take the front wheel off and inspect wheel bearings and will...
  2. 700 rear hugger

    has anyone ever found one ? or found a close one that can be persueded to fit ? I have searched here and google but no joy so far. the bike is used to explore the very small roads of devon and cornwall two up mainly and the back of the bike and the pillions trousers get caked in crap. 95% of...
  3. Wanted: AT RD07 center/main stand wanted

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi. Just got my AT '94 and it is missing center/main stand. Let me know if you have one sitting in a corner and you are willing to give it another chance to get on a road for a reasonable price. It can be lightly damaged or in bad visual condition. I am from Latvia, but have shipping adress in...
  4. Wanted: Any trailers for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Everyone I'm after a cheap trailer. Something that will transport a Transalp. It doesn't have to be a bike trailer, but I don't want a tank transporter! South east Cornwall/Devon area would be ideal. Cheers
  5. Rear rim size

    Africa Twin
    What is the rim size of a rd07 rear rim, some places say 17x3.0, rugged roads says 3.5 but central new wheels say 3.0, Which is cortect Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  6. Grand Theft - Cornwall

    Had this link sent to me yesterday, thought it was quite entertaining and made me laugh GTC- Grand Theft Cornwall - YouTube
  7. Guy Martin, yah bugga

    Guy Martin. On the surface, slightly insane! Speed with Guy Martin - Channel 4 But checking out his kitchen, I notice a rather rare and exotic Bimota V-Due sitting in the corner, and something perhaps even more special or secret, sitting under a tarpaulin?!! The bloke needs a "check up from...
  8. Where to get aluminium for pannier build?

    Bodgers Corner
    Anyone on here that's built their own panniers know the best and cheapest place (not always the same) to get the aluminium? Who's done a set? Did you fold corners or just use angled strips? thanks in advance, I fancy tackling this!
  9. Spoof videos of your town

    HAd this e-mailed to me today someone locally has done a video about my town, i watched it and was pissi*g myself with laughter but also thought how true it was Kernow King's Cornwall - Episode3 : Camborne - YouTube Anybody got any video's of there town which are comical and worth watching
  10. RWB @ (I think) spotted stratton north Cornwall

    who went past the Tree Inn Stratton near Bude on Saturday night 27th July , I was tucking into a ,massive plate of ribs in the restaraunt as it went by,
  11. Averys Motorcycles Bugle cornwall

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Dave has some oil offers on at the moment Specials - Averys Motorcycles
  12. Saw this when out riding today-What is it?

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Anyone know what this is? Found it in the corner of a field, middle of no where. Wasn’t locked, the door was counterweighted and came up really easily. I didn’t climb down it, the lid looked a little too likely to drop shut for my liking.
  13. Camerons on Holiday again

    Well there daughter is Cornish born, they seem to like it down here and enjoy themselves as Margaret Thatcher did when she owned a home in Newquay. For some reason there is a drama over them eating muscles, god knows why.. they can't do wrong for doing right Camerons arrive in Polzeath for...
  14. Riding in the USA

    Planning a trip in the states next year and was wondering what it is like to recover there. We are planning on a few 300 + days, now here we don't have a problem with that. I usually sit at around 80-90mph,now what is it like in the states? Are there really cops around every corner? I obviously...
  15. New entry signs to Cornwall

  16. Rennsport stuff

    Someone sent me these yesterday. Despite appearances these are scans of recently taken photos. This is only one corner of a storeroom filled with bits and bobs from the past. There are a couple of complete vehicles and a fully equipped machine shop. Hold on to your hats chaps...
  17. Back firing through airbox

    Africa Twin
    Occasionally, and normally when blipping the throttle when not under load, either cornering or at lights etc - I get a back fire into the airbox. You feel a momentary loss of power and then its fine again. Anyone know where to look, is it an inlet valve or more likely a fueling issue?
  18. is 55K miles to much for a translap?

    As luck would have it an XL650 2003 has come up on ebay just around the corner (if you live where i live you'll know this doesn't happen often), thing is it got 55k on the clock. Just wondering if this is a no no, im away at work at the mo so cant pop round to see the machine. Any tips (this...
  19. Oil in airbox?

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi All, Ive just got round to replacing the oen airfilter, probably about 6k miles late, and the filter seemed lightly soiled with oil and the airbox had a small amount of residue collecting in one corner. Problem? Ive replaced it with a K&N and it makes so much difference but im not sure how...
  20. XL650 Pannier rack options

    I'm looking for the 'universal' type racks, i.e. with the rounded corner rectangular frame. I'd like the LHS to match the RHS in terms of how much they 'stick out' from the bike. What options are there, pros & cons?