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  1. ht leads, copper or silicone core, which is orig/better

    Africa Twin
    RD04 ht leads, copper, graphite or silicone core, which is orig/better? thanks
  2. Wanted: PC small form factor

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm after an old PC. Preferably a small form factor with a dual core processor. Anyone got anything sitting around that they've given up on, or updated?? Ideally I want a freebie or something extremely cheap, as I don't actually know if it'll do what I want it to do. I may be able to offer...
  3. FMF Power core 4 tail pipe

    Hi all , anyone out there have an idea what the price of a new FMF power core pipe ....just the tail pipe... is for an XR400 these days ......and where to get one in the UK......? cheers Adam
  4. kill myself when i was young

    not for the faint hearted , but illustrates just how hard core Vintage racing really was:shock: beside its a cool tune too:mrgreen: Vintage Race Car Crashes on
  5. Wanted: Transalp 650 right-hand radiator

    For Sale / Wanted
    Mine has gone to Margate. And yes I have looked at ebay all over Europe and have investigated the cost of a new core, and the 600 doesn't fit. A 650 RHS radiator, if you have it, please! Ta, Philip
  6. Mystery stator core

    Elo chaps, Im playing with my wiring on an 01 xr250r From this wiring diagram; I should have 5 wires coming from the stator, as follows; red and black - to CDI Pink Blue - these two go to the AC reg for lights etc Green Blue and yellow - these two go to the CDI Now, i have all of...
  7. Standard Copper Core or iridium

    Mechanical Advice
    I am doing the 8000 mile service and they say to change the spark plugs Do I choose Standard Copper Core or iridium £3.99 and £10.49. If the iridium ones are so good, why change them? Will the copper cores last the 8000 miles ? The handbook recomends copper. 2006 transalp