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  1. 2019 Cork Toy Runs

    Sunday 1st of December ... Current Sunday weather forecast is for sunshine and blue sky ! Then, on Sunday 8th December ... Weather forecast ... ?
  2. 2018 Cork Toy Run

    Encouraged to attend the 2018 Cork Toy Run on Sunday 9th of December ... Great Craic !
  3. Spotted in the west.

    29/04/2018 @ 13:48 - Pulgorn Bridge, Co.Cork (51°33'56.28"N 9° 8'16.62"W). Then, shortly thereafter, it rained.
  4. Halfords & Robbers!

    Africa Twin
    I was about to go into Halfords here in Cork but the door was locked. Security and Gardai hunting down robber - ironically, usually them robbing the punters!
  5. Transalp 650 clutch

    Just replacing the clutch plates on my transalp - i have both the metal and cork plates but one of the cork type clutch plates has a different part number than the rest - does this plate sit on the outside of the plates?? I've destroyed my manual so cant check Ta sean
  6. Seatbelt, Prayer Book, Puke Bag, Cork!

    Seatbelt... Prayer Book... Puke Bag... CORK!!! BBC News - High winds shake planes landing in Bilbao, Spain :puke:
  7. Final drive oil seal?

    Hello, Can anyone tell me if my final drive oil seal, the splined drive coming out of the gearbox where the front sprocket is mounted -- can be replaced from the outside or do i have to open up the gearbox? Thanks y'all... Rossa in west cork.
  8. Roadracing Returns To West Cork !

    Competitions / Trials
    21-22 August, 2010. South West/Munster 100 returns to race through the streets of Dunmanway, West Cork, Republic of Ireland. If you can get there, you won't regret it, or the Murphy's or the surrounding scenery or interesting West Cork roads Munster 100 | West Cork Motorcycle Club How it...
  9. west sussex to west cork

    hi chaps, just back from my jaunt round west of ireland, 1800 miles in a week on my xr650r ,with my mate vince on his bonneville. warm, bright and sunny every day. set off from chichester and went across country, salisbury plain, wiltshire, a short burst on the hideous motorway to cross the...
  10. Anyone near cork???

    Is there anyone near cork who could have a look for me at this bike?? Item number: 270075416192 On e-bay at the moment and it looks a good bike for the money Its the silver/black Vara for £2500 with all the gadgets :lol:
  11. Toy Run in cork sunday dec 11th

    I should point out That i have attended the Toy Run for more than ten years,So this is not a desicion i have made on the spur of the moment.It will be sad for me to miss the run , But i do not intend to end up in the hospital due to a moron with a Marshall,s Bib on who could not ride to save...