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  1. MOT

    Dammit! Failed :( Thankfully only failed on a warped rear brake disc rotor, so that's only going to set me back £70. It may be slightly more if the fixing bolts are seized, but I'll see about that next week. Seeing as my Transalp has done 43,000 miles on the one rotor, and I know I drag...
  2. Strange handling after fitting new tyres

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi Just fitted some anakee 3s to honda transalp 650. Bike seems to tip into corners realy easily, like too easily, nearly caught me out. Getting used to it but wondered if anyone can explain why. They seem much stiffer than other tyres , perhaps i could lower pressure a bit. Set at 30/ 36. Rick
  3. Where to get aluminium for pannier build?

    Bodgers Corner
    Anyone on here that's built their own panniers know the best and cheapest place (not always the same) to get the aluminium? Who's done a set? Did you fold corners or just use angled strips? thanks in advance, I fancy tackling this!
  4. Front brake light staying on

    Africa Twin
    Have been meaning to mention this for ages. As said the front brake light is staying on. There seems to be a bit of slop in the lever, push the lever forwards and the light goes off. I am guessing it is something simple, maybe the spring has got tired, anybody got any ideas. Pop the lever off...
  5. Couple of vid's

    Here's one the HISS boys have been nagging me about since May. It's shocking ! :rolleyes: :thumbup: (1 min 40) - Shocking mountain Pt 1 - YouTube A bit of down hill - Cuttin' corners - YouTube And a quick cleaning tips vid ! - Africa Twin Cleaning bikes - YouTube Merry Christmas everyone...
  6. moto gp

    go gino ,,,,,,,,,, what a rider this kid is awsome in the wet seen him at mallory on open practice days on his own supermoto passin r1`s in the corners ,,,,,,,, if youre ever lookin for summat to do on a wednesday , check out open practice at mallory part , cars am , bikes pm especially good...
  7. Suspension adjustment

    Probably a dumb question but as it is from me, it's ok.... Sometimes, entering into corners, I get the feeling of the bike being a little "wobbly" is the best I can describe it. Those of you who know me, will know I am not a light weigth. Is it just a case of trial and error, make it the bike a...
  8. Rally Training

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I went for some Big Bike Rally Challenge (BBRC) training today to get me prepared for the first race in April. And, it was so worth it. I feel so much more confident and managed my aim of learning to drift the bike and power through corners at speed. Had a great day, and looking forward to the...
  9. LC4 rear brake caliper etc -suppliers?

    Everything Orange - KTM
    I don't normally venture into the dark corners of the forum;), but one of my crew here in Turkey needs a complete rear brake set up(disc,caliper,pads and hose) for his LC4, and I have no idea where toi start to get the best price...any ideas please(apart from ebay of course) Oh and it's got to...
  10. Why The 4 Corners of the UK

    The Longest Day
    Thread for putting the case of the 4 Corners of the UK ride. Bearing in mind any ride for TLD has to tick the following boxes: Does it capture the public imagination - will it make people go ''bloddy hell''? Will it attract a decent number of riders? Not just Xrvers. Is it doable in 24 hours...
  11. Corners

    A question for you riding gods, I really struggle on corners, I tend to slow right down before the corner and I know I tense before and going into the corner because I am never quite sure if I am going to make it. Whilst I was pottering around the beacons on my own yesterday I had time to...
  12. 1864 corners in Northern Thailand

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    The famous or rather infamous 1864 corners distance the border town of MaeHonSon in the west to the 2nd largest city of Thailand, ChiangMai. The road cuts thru mountain range with twisties and hairpins carved out to give us some fun:p Heres a sample of the ride...
  13. Manhole covers on corners!!!

    Why oh why do they put inspection or manhole covers on corners. If you ride over one when its raining oil and diesel the old heartbeat red-lines and very slowly drops back to normal... cant be healthy. String up the engineers I say, or any one remotely responsible. Ive had enough near falls...