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  1. Africa Twin Hi All I am trying to get a severely corroded RD04 running, The carbs have completely seized and it appears to be due to external corrosion. Is there a good resource available to understand...
  2. eBay - Transalp
    Not mine but it was posted on Transalp Facebook page - New Price £130, starting bid £50 I've got the same Delkevic can & link pipe on my 650 and it works a treat without a hint of corrosion after a couple of...
  3. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all I am reluctantly selling my bike as I do not have a lot of time for it. No issues. Runs well. No corrosion. MOT till August. Around 11000 miles. Comes with heated grips, full luggage and Scottoiler. Always garaged. Let me know of any sensible offers. Some better photos to be uploaded later.
  4. Africa Twin
    Im running these heated grips on the AT ... there not getting upto temp ? ive checked all the connections for corrosion and there ok the battery is good and im charging around 14.2 volts ????
  5. For Sale / Wanted
    RD07a Front and Rear rims for sale. NOW SOLD NOW SOLD As title, I have a pair of rims from a 2001 RD07a. Anyone interested before I stick it on eBay? good condition, very small bit f corrosion on inside near valve hole but perfectly usable. Can send pictures if anyone interested.
  6. Africa Twin
    Hi all, I have a question would a Transalp XL 650 V 2000-2002 front wheel fit my Rd07 AT ? It looks the same IE twin disc and same diameter etc but I am not sure :( Mine needs to be replaced as the valve came out of rim with the corrosion !! I found the Transalp wheel on Ebay and its close...
  7. Transalp
    What type of coolant are you using, I don't know whether to use ethylene glycol silicate based or the later type O.A.T (organic antifreeze technology) does not contain silicate. Im'e not bothered about the antifreeze aspect as the bike (650) never sees frost but wondering about the...
  8. Transalp
    The manual says I need "High quality ethylene glycol antifreeze containingsilicate-free corrosion inhibitors" for my XL700. Can anyone recommend one that fits the bill as I can't seem to tell whether or not they contain silicates. Also, I'm buggered if I can see the max/min marks on the...
  9. Africa Twin
    Hi all, Just spotted this when I took the bash plate off my RD07 A/T. The frame down tube is still fixed solid and the rusted metal looks like it was very thin in the first place so I was wondering how structural the rusted bit is, and is it safe to ride? I know welding will be needed at some...
  10. Africa Twin
    Hi all, I know its a shot in the dark but I was wondering if anyone has a spare RD07a rear wheel knocking around that they are willing to part with? I have my mot coming up next month and it was a severe warning on last years mot due to the corrosion! If I am ever going to find one it will be...
  11. Africa Twin
    I'm canvassing views and experience of stainless fittings, bolts, clips etc vs plated ones. Some of the ATs bolts are completely corrosion free indicating stainless or great plating/passivating or what have you. Others haven't fared so well. Come rebuild time I want every fastener to have the...
  12. Africa Twin
    While re-seating the front tyre last night I noticed a small bit of internal corrosion which upon inspection turned oout to be totally rotten :( anyone got a wheel they can sell me? Nearly €400 by the time I get it shipped over and back and exchange rates
  13. Product Reviews
    Hi there, just wanted to share my experiences with bying a de-humidifier. Installed a hygrometer i my garage and realized I had constant humidity of 70%. to inhibit corrosion i believe the humidity should be below 60%. i therefore invested in a drier-rotor de-humidifier based on review on the...
  14. Dominator / FMX
    Hi to everyone not been on here much of late. Out riding my dommy all winter in all conditions and still love it to pieces. Just recently whilst cleaning I noticed my exhaust has some serious corrosion think it's been held together for a while with mud :) considering imo this is the Origanal...
  15. Transalp
    I see signs of corrosion on the rear rim so I think a new rim is in order, anyone out there got one for sale?:thumb::thumbup: :thumb::thumbup: :thumb::thumbup: :thumb::thumbup:
  16. Transalp
    Hi! I am going to get some pics of the wheel, but it doens't look good. It's a 1996 xl600v.......I am having a hard time finding a "new" wheel up here in Norway :(
  17. Dominator / FMX
    A little embarrassed posting this considering how much I've worked on bikes, but help needed. 1999 Dommie. As it says on the tin, no dipped or main beam. Done the obvious, new bulb, tested old one, all good. Checked fuse and tested it, good. Stuck multimeter on headlight connector, no power...
  18. Africa Twin
    Changed the rear tyre on the A/T today and was pleased with the codition of the internals of the wheel rim,there was some corrosion around the valve stem hole which I used a Dremel to grind out back to decent metal and the rest of the rim I just wire brushed and applied a light coating of...
  19. Mechanical Advice
    Started cleaning the rear wheel and discovered it had been botched up Does this make it fit for the bin or can it be repaired? Also is there any other rear that will fit straight on, otherwise I think I'm looking at getting a 17 inch wheel, removing my hub and getting it respoked into the...
  20. For Sale / Wanted
    700 transalp for sale.11 plate.2000 miles.Mint condition.not used in winter so no corrosion.Genuine honda heated grips.Barkbusters.£4850
1-20 of 60 Results