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  1. For those who've done cosmetic rebuild

    Africa Twin
    How much did it cost? Smashed my Boano fairing to bits on the Austin Vince event in the Pyrenees, and the whole bike looks pretty tatty since I did the Kielder K2 last year... It looks like I now have rebuild number two ahead of me, and after this, there will be no more rallies, events...
  2. Transalp 700 - what to look for when buying s/h

    Hi all! My friend is thinking of buying an XL700V8 with 10,000ish km. What are the known problems to look for? I will obviously check output shaft since I presume it is similar to the 650, but is there anything else to check? That is, apart from cosmetic things like rust on frame and scratches...
  3. For Sale: 2000 650 Transalp, lots of extras

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    2000 650 Transalp, lots of extras NOW SOLD Not getting much use these days so decided to try and sell. Only 2500 miles last year and 500 this year Y reg 2000 650 XL650 Y Red 30000 miles, I’ve owned since 2009 when it had 16100 on the clock Current status Sorn'd, MOT’d mid year Decent tyres...
  4. For Sale: 2008 XL700 Transalp ABS £3100 Scotland

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    2008 XL700 Transalp Mileage is currently 32k. This will go up by around 1k as I am off to the IoM for the Manx GP on 22 August. Tax and MOT due in September. I will MOT gratis but any tax will be added to the price. I would describe the bike honestly as good but not excellent. There...
  5. What to do with Africa Twin broken engine

    Africa Twin
    First post; shame it's a miserable one. I'd upgraded my 2002 AT for a long haul trip but unfortunately the engine (which had about 30,000 miles on it) broke 7 days into the trip. I saw 3 different non-English speaking mechanics all who said the crankshaft is broken. I've spent a lot on the...
  6. For Sale: Rukka Arms jkt and trousers for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    Rukka Armas jkt and trousers for sale - £475 posted having hit the gym and cut down on the pies i need to now invest in another Rukka suit as ive lost too much weight (nice for the wife, not the wallet!!) I have my 4yr old Rukka Armas suit up for grabs. The jkt is a 52 (41-41 inch chest) and...
  7. Outrageous fees from honda?

    Hi all, So I had a little upset the other day, and laid my 62 plate transalp down on the M42. Was only going 20mph, so not even a scratch on me (was trying to protect the schuberth!) I did, however, do some cosmetic damage... Plastic, mainly, including an indicator. The total plastic bill...
  8. For Sale: Tech 7 Alpine stars

    For Sale / Wanted
    got a pair of very good condition Alpine stars tech 7 for sale they are hardly used abd i won't be competition riding anymore so they are up for sale This is the only fault with them ans is only cosmetic not structural. My foot slipped off the kick starter and the teeth on the footpeg...
  9. To rebuild or not rebuild....?

    Africa Twin
    That is the question. Plenty of you have rebuilt your bikes. The question is WHY? I'd like to do the same with mine, but the cost would be high in time and money. I need some convincing that it's worth the time and money. Is an old bike worth rebuilding? You're not going to get your money...
  10. Africa Twin Virgin

    Africa Twin
    Hi All. Thought i'd say hello as i am the proud owner of an Africa Twin RD07. Needed a replacement bike to commute to work and general ride outs on weekends to the Buttery Cafe in Bristol ( A must visit if you come to Bristol :thumbup:) Mechanically seems sound but decided straight away to...
  11. chain guard necessary?

    Africa Twin
    Mine has vanished (along with the tax disc that was bolted on). Is it cosmetic or does it really serve a useful purpose?
  12. Rust or rot on brackets and rims...

    Africa Twin
    Age, weather and / or chemicals - the brackets I can source or fettle, the front rim may need to be, erm, retired and replaced, haven't checked further if it's merely cosmetic or actually structural. Doesn't look good around the valve though!
  13. One of those you don't want to think about moments.

    I've been working on the little R65 and went to remove the rear swing arm for some cosmetic work and to check the bearings, pulled back the rubber boot on the drive shaft coupling and one of the 4 drive shaft connecting bolts dropped out on to the floor. :( It got worse. Turns out the shaft was...
  14. KTM EXC front brake wanted

    Everything Orange - KTM
    Hi all, I am on the hunt for a Brembo Front caliper and Master cylinder for any large capacity EXC KTM. Not too worried about cosmetic condition as long as it is functional. :thumbup: Thanks much Slidey
  15. Wanted: RD07 Black Fairings

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, I'm looking for fairing for my RD07. It is like this one: I'm looking for the front ones - left, right and centre. It doesn't look like this since someone kindly knocked it on its side whilst I was out one day. Lots of cosmetic...
  16. Sold: 650 Transalp/Transrat

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Ok all, a tentitive toe in the water! Up for sale is my 2001 "Y" xl650v Transalp, which I purchased through a forum member. I have owned this bike for over 5 years & has never failed me. The previous owner prepped the bike for a trip which ended on the first day, the bike suffered cosmetic...
  17. Transalp 650

    Hi all Im going to be in the market to buy a transalp soon (Jan, Feb time) and just wandering what if any differences are there between the different years i.e. V4,V5,V6 etc Is it just cosmetic or have there been any changes to the engine ? Thanks Chris
  18. Hello, new member signing in.

    Hi, I've owned a variety of bikes from trailies to superbikes, a mate of mine once had a Transalp which I'd always liked. Thankfully about a year ago I told my neighbour this as he had a Transalp. I told him if he was ever selling it to give me a's now sitting in my garage. There...
  19. Rd04 - rd07

    Africa Twin
    Does anyone know if an RD04 engine will go straight into an RD07a ? and what are the differences electrically as all i can find out at moment is the only difference between them was colour change , ride height and cosmetic things ... Advice needed please
  20. For Sale: 2001 Honda Africa Twin XRV750 For Sale

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    For sale is my 2001 Honda XRV750 Africa Twin The bike has covered 28,000 miles with all old MOTs to prove. I have owned the bike since July 2006 and have carried out all my ownserving and maintenance work including oil changes every 1,000 miles and oil filter changes every 2,000 miles. The bike...