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  1. Found: Importing a used bike from Italy to the UK

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, This is my first post on here (this might be in the wrong forum) but i am looking for some guidance / experience. As the title suggests i am looking to import a used bike from Italy. Has anyone done this before that could give me an idea of the costs and the time process of the...
  2. RD02 Carb boot O-ring..

    Dominator / FMX
    I need to replace the large O-ring that sits between the carb boot and the head on my RD02. Does anyone know where I can find one as most of them are in the States or cost £10-£15 to post an O-ring that costs about £5...:( If anyone has a spare they would be prepared to sell, that would be...
  3. Crashbar info

    Africa Twin
    Hello Lads - quick info on these tough, brand new proudly South-African made Crash bars. Main frame is 25mm with 21mm supports. Hard wearing 'hammer'' powder coat finish. Fitment was super easy and came to around ZAR2200 (122pounds) exluding courier costs. PM me if you're interested.
  4. For Sale: Antique Compressor

    For Sale / Wanted
    A friend of mine wants to sell this 1953 Danish made industrial compressor... Its in working condition and it can pump out 750 ltrs per minute Its 1.5m long and will need a couple of pallets to move it. As its located here in Denmark ,anyone interested will have to arrange transport for it. The...
  5. CRF 250 Rally going into production for 2017

    Africa Twin
    Finally a really modern rally rep for sale! Honda CRF250 Rally prototype | MCN What do you guys think? This is really interesting to me, I've always wondered why KTM never did it before after abandoning the KTM 640 and going to 950 that they didn't just stick a rally fairing on the 690 enduro...
  6. lithium 12v batteries.

    Africa Twin
    Oh no not again. This is my new AT battery. It's a 4 cell pack of 15Ah capacity. It weighs less than 2kg and if I'm honest it scares me a little since those cells will discharge happily at 150A. It cost less than 100GBP. Whilst bits are painted plated or otherwise fettled I'm getting on with...
  7. Ltd Edition Africa Twin shirt

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone. I have a small business of selling exclusive and ltd edition shirt. I have made a new tshirt for all the Africa Twin lovers that will end in 10 days. It's not available on stores and it's pretty exclusive. Check it out. Available in several styles and colors. TIP: Order with...
  8. Ltd Edition Africa Twin Riders shirt

    Hi everyone. I have a small business of selling exclusive and ltd edition shirt. I have made a new tshirt for all the Africa Twin lovers that will end in 10 days. It's not available on stores and it's pretty exclusive. Check it out. Available in several styles and colors. TIP: Order with...
  9. New seat.

    After many hours of surfing the net to find a seat for my project bike , I found one that I like but its a custom built seat from the US. The seat costs $225 dollars plus about $100 shipping and then Danish import tax and vat sticks about $125 on top of the bill. Do any of our members know of...
  10. Shipping costs for European tours?

    I am doing some research with a view to organising motorbike tours in Greece. Please recommend a good motorcycle shipping agency.. economical and safe. Thank you. V
  11. Servicing costs?

    My Vara 1000va-5 has almost reached 16000 miles and will be soon due the next service. The local bike shop CMC Motorcycles in Derbyshire are asking €482.97 (£350) to do the job, is this a fair amount for all the work involved bearing in mind it is a major service, or would it be better to look...
  12. Centre Stand, again !

    I know there a few threads on this subjuct but cant find one that answers my question. All I'd like to know is how good are any of the aftermarket stands ? The Honda one costs about £220 according to my local dealer, a Mochech (for example) is about £150, so is the £70 difference worth it or...
  13. Transalp service costs

    Just finished a big trip with the TA and am thinking of treating it to a Honda dealer service. Yes, I know many will do this themselves but I'm not familiar with the bike and am pushed for time at the moment. Any ideas of what a full sevice will cost? 30k miles.
  14. greek sales website with lots of AT's

    Africa Twin
    ΜεταχειÏ�ισμÎ*να Honda ΜοτοσυκλÎ*τες - πώληση - IT is a valid link, just showing some funny letters. Ok, it is Greece, but there are lots of AT's there at seemingly good prices. You might need google translate but if someone is after a bike, whats better...
  15. The DFDS ferry line between Great Britain and Denmark comes to an end.

    The DFDS Ferry line Esbjerg - Harwich will close down the 29'th of september this year. Transportation of freights will be diverted to the line Esbjerg - Immingham. Transportation of passengers between Denmark and the UK will be closed down, due to lack of passengers and the competition from low...
  16. For Sale: RD07 White Handguard Pair £30

    For Sale / Wanted
    Left one unmarked in good condition Right one scuffed These cost £35 new from a dealer I'll sell the pair for £30 and cover the postage costs to UK Paul Webb 07886 863669 [email protected]
  17. Suzuki drz 400 starved of oil needed 1.5 litre top up ,now top end noise .

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi everyone my nephew has a 2008 Suzuki drz 400 , his first big bike .Its done 18000 mls , he was on motorway when he had loss of power , on getting bike home i checked it and it needed 1.5l of oil before registering a reading , it starts and revs with no smoke but is noisy /tappety top end ...
  18. Suzuki drz 400 ran with low oil , top up was 1.5 litres , now top end noise

    Hi everyone , my nephew has a 2008 drz 400 as his first bike after pasing the test , he was on the motorway when he had loss of power , i checked the oil and no reading at all on dipstick , the bike took 1.5 litres before attaining any reading , now it is noisy /tappety top end , its not blowing...
  19. anybody touring with a crf250l

    CRF - New Forum!
    I am interested in buying a crf250l for touring and wondered if anyone on the forum had done any or indeed put quite a bit of mileage on one. Also interested in how the longer term ownership costs are going ?
  20. TA600 with Isle of Man logbook, need advice

    I found a TA600 on ebay, here in UK, the seller said it has IoM logbook, so no MOT on the bike. If I want to buy it and keep it what should I do and how much is the costs? Can I keep the IoM reg? Any advice appreciated here.