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  1. Increasing the rear wheel travel

    Africa Twin
    Hello everyone, I've tried to find some information about how to increase the rear wheel travel on XRV (RD03 and RD04) but I couldn't find anything for all models. Has anyone ever looked into that? Cheers, Norman
  2. RD07 Handlebar risers

    Africa Twin
    Hi! I know there is a thread somewhere but i couldn't find it. Which is the maximum height of risers one can add without changing all the cables? And can someone recommend me some? Thanks in advance
  3. Transalp 650 Givi Wingrack

    Hi, does anyone have Givi Wing Rack on the Transalp 650 and can put here a few pics with the fittings? I have a Wing Rack coming off another bike and I want to fit it onto the Transalp 650 , and I want to see how the fittings look like to addapt mine . I couldn't find anything on google. Cheers
  4. Happy fathers day

    My teenage son asked me what I fancied for fathers day and apart from a six pack I couldnt think of anything so this is what he got me.:D Happy fathers day to all you dads out there:thumbup:
  5. What did you do on your bike today?

    Pinched this off another site where it went mega, and was wondering how it would work on here?? So come on. What did you do on your bike today?? (Appologies if it has been tried before, I couldn't be bothered to trail through 500 odd pages looking for something similar) :blob8: Me? I rode...
  6. Quiz question

    Welsh Invasion
    Ok here's the question, who sent me a text today asking how much the weekend cost was because he couldn't be arsed to read to the end of the message?:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  7. Contacting Graves in CZ,help please.

    Has anybody contacted Graves in cz,i have sent them an e-mail asking about their Transalp sump guard but have had no response.I sent it in English and was wondering if maybe they couldnt understand it.Wondered if any body has contacted them and if so the best way to do it.Thanks.:p
  8. Cotswold biker nites

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I went to the Cotswold biker nite this week and I spotted a few other TAs and a couple of ATs, were they member's bikes? I didn't see them arrive so I couldn't identify the riders!
  9. 19 inch front wheel on a 650

    Anyone fitted a 19 inch one on a 650? If so, what did you do and do you know which model's wheel is suitable? Our very own ChrisX was asking today but I couldn't be that helpful. I'm sure some on here can though.:thumbright:
  10. Black AT in Guernsey

    While on my travels around guernsey spotted a Black AT parked up in St Peters Port, couldn't get close as the roads are all over but I'm getting used to it now. Could it be anyone from this gaff. Bazz
  11. Those crazy Norwegians

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  12. Ids syndrome

    You couldn't make it up? :confused: :hitler: :D Poor people still clinging to life, warns Iain Duncan Smith
  13. Max weight

    Hi ! Just had a look through the Haynes catalogue but couldn't find anything about maximum weight for rider+pillion. Can anyone help Me + the missus are 158kg. Thanks !
  14. Panniers

    Bodgers Corner
    Met a guy in Soho today. Andy from Lithuania, made his own pannier ! Second one is still being made. (He'll be joining up here to get some info on Morroco :thumbup:) iphone pics only,and I couldn't get them up the right waty ? sorry.
  15. J... Here you go :)

    Been growing now for about 5-6 weeks... It's gone now though, couldn't stand it so back to a baldy :D Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing naughty stuff for free! | Chat for free!
  16. Final ride?

    I was just looking at this on Facebook and thinking what a good idea when a comment caught my eye. I couldn't help thinking he must be a lobotomized power ranger. Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing naughty stuff for free! | Chat for free!
  17. Speedo mph to kph and back

    Hi I bet this has been covered but apologies, couldn't find it. Can I convert a 700 TA's speedo to kph when I go on holiday? Thanks Rob oops... found it dubhe Senior Member Join DateMar 2010LocationNorwich/PortsmouthPosts475Thanks11Thanked 6 Times in 6 Posts Re: 700 MPH/KPH SpeedoHold...
  18. Ignition Connection in Loom

    Africa Twin
    Ok, before i go taking tank etc all off again, where is the connector from ignition mount to the loom, I know connects somewhere just couldnt find it last night as was dark in shed I want extent this section so i can mount my ignition up high. John
  19. Crashbar update..?

    Haven't been here in a little while - had a quick scan - couldn't see any update - so... AlanH: Did your Ricky Cross bars finally arrive..? How long did they take..? Are you happy with them..? RuggedRoads: How's the development of the TA crashbars coming along..? Do you have an eta..? Many Thanks
  20. Brake discs compatible?

    Africa Twin
    Sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find it in the search (couldn't be ars*d, more like): Will the front brake discs from an RD07 fit an RD07a? Cheers, Tim.