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  1. Happy fathers day

    My teenage son asked me what I fancied for fathers day and apart from a six pack I couldnt think of anything so this is what he got me.:D Happy fathers day to all you dads out there:thumbup:
  2. Contacting Graves in CZ,help please.

    Has anybody contacted Graves in cz,i have sent them an e-mail asking about their Transalp sump guard but have had no response.I sent it in English and was wondering if maybe they couldnt understand it.Wondered if any body has contacted them and if so the best way to do it.Thanks.:p
  3. Ignition Connection in Loom

    Africa Twin
    Ok, before i go taking tank etc all off again, where is the connector from ignition mount to the loom, I know connects somewhere just couldnt find it last night as was dark in shed I want extent this section so i can mount my ignition up high. John
  4. Xrv750 1998 rd07

    Africa Twin
    Xrv750 1998 rd07 Modification Recommendations I want t get a wheel rebuild done on my AT's wheels. what would you recommend re front and back sizes. Thinking about Central wheels. I have no experience of this but I am sure (couldnt find it) there have been posts about changing the size of...
  5. 1998 RD07 Black and Gold For Sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    1998 RD07 Black and Gold WITHDRAWN. NO LONGER FOR SALE (WHEN WILL I LEARN) Couldnt sell it in July had loads s of interest but couldnt let it go. Like it too much but need to get rid of my AT and a FJ1200 1994 to make way for the BEAST of...
  6. More Grunt N Grin Required

    Owned my 650 TA for about 6 weeks now, couldnt wait to get her/ him ? run in but now i have i am finding it a bit lame really :( I have no doubt the engine could breathe easier/ perform better (well from a 650 V Twin i did expect better !) So you lot "in the know" - can it be improved much ? I...
  7. Got a new AT! Sluggish acceleration! Any tips?

    Africa Twin
    Hello all, First of all, a BIG thank-you to all who've so very kindly replied to my previous postings and threads :thumbleft:. Couldnt' have found this baby without you lot! She's a 2000 model, done 11030 on the clock. SWEEEET!!! :blob5: Just got her today. Will post pics asap! However, I've...
  8. Tesco/helmet interface

    Stopped at tesco's for a bit of shopping on the way home as normal. Opened flip-up lid keeping it on, as normal. Except today a security guard felt the need to pull me out of the queue and tell me to remove my helmet. I was about 2 from the cashier so I told him I'd remove it when he went to...
  9. Isn't technology just great !!!

    From time to time I work from home. When I do I can sometimes manage to get 5 hours of riding in and a couple of hours work ... no, erm, er, I mean a couple of hours riding in and 8 hours work. :rolleyes: However, we have several secure servers and documents on them I couldnt access obviously...
  10. Symtec Heated Grips.

    Hi All, Im a relative newbie to the site, just thought Id drop in a good word for a nice bit of kit that I just installed on my 07 Alp Just returned from my first chilly night ride using my new symtec grip heaters, I must say Im very impressed with them, I fitted the wrap around heater element...
  11. RESTRICTED RD07B from Germany

    Africa Twin
    Hello friends. I know i have asked this question before and sorry to ask again but i ve read stuff all over the forum and AITC website on restricted ATs however couldnt get a clear answer on how to free the bike and get the full power. Got my AT from Germany and would like to set those extra...
  12. No Spark

    No wonder couldnt start my 400,after buying new plug and spanner lo and behold no spark,question is where do i start,when i kick the bike over the high beam light illuminates as does the speedo backlight,any ideas please??
  13. What The Hell Is In That Grit,

    Hi Everyone, Nearly Had A Fit Yesterday, Just Been Out On The Bike For Run, Got Back, Had A Look At The Chain And Noticed A Bit Of Rust!! Looked Further, Couldnt Belive My Eyes. The Evil Stuff Has Been Doing It's Dirty Deed To My Vara, Gave It A Going Over With Acf 50 (brilliant Gear!!) Keep An...
  14. Cables!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Africa Twin
    I am in Yemen and i find it difficult to get spares for my @. I dont get even fake spares. 2 weeks ago, my clutch cable got cut so i had to ride it clutchless till i bought another cable for another bike and the inner linning was short so after releasing clutch the bike didnt move. i was...
  15. Painting of swing arm

    Hi, i've finnished that paint job on my swing arm (the rear frame). I couldnt't get it off so had to paint it "in situ". Thats why I went for it with CRC engine cleaner, clean water and then some isopropanol (window wash). "Rust eater" - worked very well on the rusty spots (claned up by steel...
  16. First Bike

    Hi guys n girls, My first thread! Bought a 98 Transalp 3 weeks ago and have been taking lessons since then, i had my test on Friday which i failed! i had a big arguement with the examiner, he failed me on undue hesitation which i find hard to believe been driving cars and...
  17. Seat grip ideas?

    A pal has an AT with what looks like a strip of a different type of material along the middle of the seat. He doesnt know where it came from or what its called... Im looking for some kind of grip patch? for the TA seat. Something you could glue on maybe or staple in... Had a look around and...
  18. How to remove PAIR system?

    I looked hard but couldnt find any help on this forum regarding removal of pair system. I am thinking of doing it one of these days but I not sure what to do and how. Anyone out there done it and has some tips photos? It would be greately appreciated.
  19. How Can I Wheelie Using My @

    Africa Twin
    I was wondering if it was possible to wheelie using an RD04 @. If possible, i would like to have the hint as its soooooo amazing. I saw a guy on youtube doing it and said y not me???? :D I tried but the tyre couldnt lift as the bike is damn heavy. :rolleyes:
  20. First few weeks with my new AT

    Africa Twin
    Just thought i would share my observations about my @ (try to stay awake at the back) Always loved the @,always wanted one but never got around to getting my licence,finally this year i did! As soon as i saw Muzz's for sale i rang him and now its mine :p First impression was 'Jesus its a...