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  1. Stefter Reinforced Sprocket

    Africa Twin
    Hi there, Does anybody got a spare reinforced sprocket and wouldn´t mind to sale it? Tried to contact Stefter the french guy who make them with no success...and also the waiting list seems to be a mile long. My countershaft is too knackered to carry on using the bike! Thanks in advance!
  2. Wanted: NX650 cylinder head, countershaft, gear linkage shaft

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, I am looking to source a NX650 cylinder head with no exhuast studs snapped off in it! Also need a countershaft as the splines on mine are gone and likewise for the gear lever shaft. Thanks, Chris.
  3. Looking for: Countershaft Comp.

    Hi guys, I need some help again. My mechanic says the Countershaft Comp (23220-MN9-641). of my XR600 (1986) is busted. I tried looking online to buy a new one but I can't find any. I would like to ask if is there any website or place that you know where I can order it? Or perhaps you know if the...
  4. Honda xr600 countershaft comp

    Hello mate! can anyone tell where I find XR600 Countershaft Comp parts online? I badly need this parts, can you help me?
  5. countershaft step-by.step

    Africa Twin
    hi m8 my output-shaft is completely flat, no way around it! gotta open the engine. is there any thread here or anywhere with a step by step how to change it? and also would like to know you´re opinion on the shaft from cms parts and the gasket kit from poland that appears a lot on ebay. any...
  6. Output Shaft

    Africa Twin
    Anyone tried this? african twin countershaft repair BC Canada - The HUBB my shaft is as worn as this lads one is and i dont feel like splitty the engine even though my eng has about half the miles/kms on it that he has
  7. which gaskets to use?

    Africa Twin
    Planning a countershaft swap on my 750L as the splines are dead. I priced up the shaft which was not too expensive but the gaskets for the whole job if I use Honda oem are approx £180+ vat - the supplier said they can get pattern ones for around £65+ vat per set. Anybody got any views on oem...
  8. riding without the countershaft sprocket cover

    Africa Twin
    I went riding yesterday and after while I heard a rough noise coming from the front of my left leg. It sounded like chainslap, but on the inside of the cover. It also sounded like one of the lock nuts could of worked itself loose. so there I was, trying to remove everything with spanners (honda...
  9. Newbie questions r/r, countershaft splines...

    Africa Twin
    Hello everyone!!! It's been a while since I registered in this forum and as a new AT owner I need some answers to a few queries I have. I have read a lot of threads but haven't come to a conclusion about which is the best way to keep the countershaft splines in good condition, lube or loctite...
  10. Fixing the splines on the countershaft

    Mechanical Advice
    I found this on a Swedish web forum. Bloggis | Countershaft wear - fix and prevent I know the author sometimes visit but I have not seen if he has linked to his own work. Anyway, all the credits to him ("Tramsvalp") for his work. It could very well be worth trying if your...
  11. Glueing countershaft sprocket

    Countershaft wear - fix and prevent Worn countershaft splines is a known problem on the Transalp. Changing the shaft means dismantling the whole engine. Prevent this with my simple fix: I have been driving 10.000 km with my latest sprocket "glued" to the shaft with high strength threadlocker...