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  1. Hi everyone !

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi ! I'm a new member from France (in Auvergne, in the center of the country) First of all, I want to apologize for my poor english (kind of a french tradition, I think...) I ride a 1988 gold honda dominator, I keep it as a "collector". I also love VW bugs (I own a 1303 super beetle), and old...
  2. Vin build ID

    Africa Twin
    My first Post... I have just aquired an RD 03 vin # RD03 10004xx to keep my crf1000 dct company in the garage. It is 99% original but needs just a little care to make it excellent. Question.. Was this bike an early Japanese domestic build ? It does have a “speed” light and I think Japan...
  3. Engine temp

    Dominator / FMX
    I just got back from a 50 mile brap, mainly fast country roads with a little town work towards the end. An hour later i put my hand on the clutch cover and it feels really hot, an hour later. Now by hot i mean putting my hand on the cover and leaving it on, it was uncomfortable to say the least...
  4. serbia riding

    hi! i'm the lucky owner of 2 husabergs 350 and 450, 2014, and 3 husqvarnas I used to ride MX for 6 years, but since 2010 Enduro and hard enduro have become my life) I'm also a enduro guide through our beautiful country, and I really love my mission!! I'd like to meet like-minded muddies here and...
  5. Shipping Car From Germany

    Hi everybody. i'm moving out of the country for a short while and that i wish to require my cars with American state. They are 1. 2000 Toyota above atomic number 11 with greedy exhaust 2. 1975 VW minibus I am curious to understand, however am i able to check if my above can pass their...
  6. North of England Tour Suggestions?

    Hi Folks, I have been given a pass for 4 days 3 nights to get away on the bike starting next Saturday and I'm looking for some suggestions. I like the look of this little route ( which I imagine...
  7. Where to find and XR400?

    Hi, I am looking for an XR400 and wondered if anyone new of any, or had any other ideas on where to look. I have been trying the usual: ebay, gumtree, autotrader, mcn, here etc... I missed one local ish recently and am gutted as there are not many good ones around and the ones that come up are...
  8. Rear exhaust pipe xr/xlr1990

    hi there Can anyone tell me the inside diameter of the rear pipe that connects to the headers xlr/xr250 90 model As i cant get to my bike as out the country Any help would be helpful Many thanks
  9. Newby, just about to register UK Vara in Spain!

    Hi all, I am in the process of 'matriculating' my UK registered XL1000v-8 into Spain, where I now live. The local motorcycle dealer says that I will need to change my headlamps to European Ones, at a huge cost. I am not really having this, as to the best of my knowledge, the headlamp beams out...
  10. Anyone used Plastifix?

    Mechanical Advice
    I want to fix a few broken lugs and some small cracks on my fairings. I dont want to spend a fortune on fancy plactic welding kits etc or have them done professionally. I dont see the point as im more than likely to drop her or have a skid as im a new rider, so i know they will get broken again...
  11. Dominator Oil Temperature

    Dominator / FMX
    I've just fitted an oil temperature gauge, one of those screw in to replace the dip stick jobs, and went for a spin yesterday to check it out... Air temp was about 10deg C, riding on country roads to begin with temp peaked at about 90deg, then when sitting stuck in town traffic it went up to...
  12. How do I find a part number for my Honda?

    Africa Twin
    This is the place. :) Yes, I'm aware many of you here know where to find part numbers for their Honda's but for the few who are not sure or are not aware of certain web sites out there then this is your ticket. I personally like the following. In Europe I know it's often called...
  13. New helmet

    Looking to get a new helmet and the place I would go to has closed down where on-line would you recommend and where physical would you recommend in the central belt of God's country :D
  14. Large fuel tank

    Anyone know of a supplier of large fuel tanks for XR400 seen a few on Ebay going for around £190 from the states but would like to buy one from this country.
  15. dominator vs 12 ktm's,2 xr's, 4 quads and a gs

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    i got invited, bullied (in a nice way!) to a local enduro/cross-country/off-road event at the weekend. a friend has been asking me for ages to tag along in one of their jaunts. so i thought why not? i was surrounded mainly by ktm's. a couple of xr's, four quads and a lonely gs rider (decided to...
  16. Doon Under (As we say in Aberdeen)

    Hello folks. Just a wee update from this fantastic country. Lots of Harleys and riders in full Badass gear. Must be sweltering There are roads here that are the stuff of dreams. Winding up and down the mountains. However!..... The winds can be fearsome and the rain that usually accompanies...
  17. Ford database

    Great Roads/Routes
    in a homage to Dod's work on the High roads, I found a link for all the known fords and wet roads in the country, just enter and click on your county, only had a quick play but looks good. Enjoy
  18. Transalp tank range

    Hi everybody this is my first post,I have just down sized from a gs 1200 to a 700 transalp I was just wondering what sort of tank range will I get,I don't ride fast just tend to keep to 70/74 on the motorway and on country roads no more than about 60 so what do you all think.cheers tony
  19. Cumbria 20/21/22 September 2013

    There's another event that you guys will like methinks. It's a launch event at that. Have a look at this link - Haggs Bank Not only is it a spot on place but there's some rather interesting things happening too! :thumbleft: I'm really ticked that Birgit and I can't make it - we'll be out of the...
  20. West Country Camp Sites

    Me and my son Rob (RAW85) are off to the west country for a little jaunt next week on the Africa Twins. It will be our first trip together so really looking forward to it. Can anyone recommend any campsites, firstly one near Plymouth and secondly one near St.Ives in Cornwall. We are staying...