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  1. tools for free camping

    This seems to be a nice tool to find campsites for free. At least in North America there are plenty of them listed. For the rest of the world it´s terra incognita more or less. Check out this one, too: You have to flag "informal campsites"...
  2. Paris Dakar Rally Videos from 1997-2001

    I'm in the process of digitising some old VHS video tapes, with UK TV coverage of 1997-2001 Paris Dakar rallys. I have uploaded some of them, and more will be added over the next few weeks. See here:
  3. Watch out, new stealth cameras on motorways !

    Has any account been published of the total spend, so far, of how much the installation of the nationwide coverage of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology, and supporting hardware, has cost the taxpayers of the United Kingdom ? Has there been any published economic...
  4. What would you like from your advanced training?

    If I may ask a question, "What would you like from your advanced training?" I'm mainly focusing on the off-tarmac side of things, but any ideas would be great. This can include prices, times, dates, locations, course coverage, their bike or yours, and how big would you like the training...
  5. Dakar 2013

    Competitions / Trials
    Been watching the Dakar coverage on YouTube, and so far the scenery has been blowing me away. But what is happening to Despres? Without Coma as his team mate, and main competitor, I was expecting him to romp it. Currently he's almost half an hour off the lead. Iain
  6. Hey lads Suzi,s back

    Replacing Jake Humphrey in BBC F1 coverage next year BBC Sport - F1: Suzi Perry replaces Jake Humphrey as BBC presenter
  7. Autumnwatch

    Anybody watching this ??? Been following it all week, only to realise it's being filmed about 5 miles from here :confused: Beavers---- what's that all about then ?? Hold on, heard a little rumble at my back door :confused: Could it be a " beaver " ????? Nah, just my neighbour with a couple...
  8. A day in my life...

    A recent thread about Neil Armstrong got me thinking about some of the memorable events that have occured since I was born in 1964. I've watched events that will go down in history, that have possibly changed the world. In no particular order; Man in space and on the moon (I can just about...
  9. headlight guard

    Africa Twin
    Hi all. Am mackling together a headlight guard from some leftover st/steel mesh. Its fairly heavy duty stuff but confident itll look brill if I get it all welded and mounted properly. Three important questions before I get going tho: One – is there a legal restriction on the amount of coverage...
  10. 11/11/11

    Is it just me or does anyone else think that there should have been more public awareness of the significance of today ??? I would have thought that there would have been an opportunity to get more cash into poppy sales by promoting the date --- but nothing :( Everyone knows about the eleventh...
  11. BBC coverage of motorsports

    why is it the bbc spend millions buying the rights to motoGP, ruin it with suzy perry interviews and not enough views of her behind, and the vocal equivalent of paint drying as a commentary team, then shunt it to the bbc3 tumbleweed channel at the least excuse like when blind darts or wheelchair...
  12. Surprising Coverage

    Anyone else notice the '93 @ got a mention in Perform Bikes Mag - only as a favourite of the '08 Blade project leader, with the line "...perfect except for the seat comfort". Admittedly he was also the project leader for that bike... Right about the (lack of) comfort though - 270 mls yesterday...