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  1. Dominator / FMX
    Looking for recommendations for an insurance company for my 92 dominator that's going through the standard scrambler/tracker transformation. Are they easy enough to get covered as a custom bike?
  2. Transalp
    Hi Folks, I know this has been covered but I'd like to get a whiter bulb for my headlight but I can't seem to find one thats dip and main in one bulb. I may just be looking in the wrong places but just wondered if anyone knew of any. Thanks.:)
  3. Transalp
    HI PEEPS Bloody only gone and crashed the tranny ( 650 ) in a local ford got covered head to toe in mud but was only shaken thank the lord , Fortunatly the tranny seems ok apart from a bent set of bars . anyone replaced there bars , if so whats the best no / little fuss option ? thanks
  4. Transalp
    The Haynes manual 3919 says that the inlet valves are covered by a cover and the exhaust valve is covered by a cap. My bike seems to have covers for both. Is that normal, maybe an evolution towards the 700? My bike is a 2007, so the last year of the 650.
  5. Transalp
    As the Africa Twin and Dommi have already been covered,i just had to start one up for the Transalp.So any pictures and related stories of your Transalps in 2014, please feel free to post .I will be adding pictures of my 2007 650 soon. Thanks.
  6. Africa Twin
    Probably been covered loads of times, anyone done the mod & can post a link please? Also what's it like at high speed? Cheers.
  7. XL
    Hi, can anyone tell me which is the Headlamp lighting coil ...... ... is it the small paper covered coil or the one that sits on top of it or the larger coil that sits opposite the other two coils. cheers
  8. Africa Twin
    Sorry I know it's been covered before! New TKC on the rear clutch being fitted Saturday & full service done it's nearly ready to be taken off road but need some decent pegs. Like the pivot pegs but pricy, what does everyone else use??
  9. Chatter
    I will be looking for a new (to me) bike and I was wonder if any one used a checklist to ensure they covered all aspects from bike condition to service history, willing to share?
  10. Transalp
    Sorry if this has been covered but I'm new here, I'm looking at new tyres for my 2001 t/a 650 thinking about Avon Gripsters, good or bad anyone have any experiance of them. viper650
  11. Chatter
    Took this last week Old man of Storr, near Portree :thumbup: Normally covered in mist, but not last week :D
  12. Africa Twin
    Hi. The tripometer on my AT doesnt work. Well not completly true it has gone to 3.7 miles in the last 700 covered! Any clues?
  13. For Sale / Wanted
    I am selling my recently re-covered seat for a Dominator RD02. PM me if you are interested.
  14. Chatter
    not sure if this has been covered but always very sad.....:-( Andrea Antonelli Fatal Crash Superbike Moscow 2013 - YouTube
  15. Chatter
    Does anyone here read Practical Sportsbikes magazine? I think they covered the Honda Bros (Hawk GT) RC31 sometime last year. Is this the case? If so, which month was it? Ta 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  16. Photography
    Just pics you taken with your phone. Does not have to be bike related. Just would like to see what quality pics are about. Maybe name the phone as well To start this of here is one I taken on my last night shift A spider web which is covered in frozen fog. Taken with my Samsung S3
  17. Riding
    hi folks Just wondering whats the max distance you've travelled in 1 day on your bike?? My max is 370 miles or there abouts, and that was pretty easy going without any panic.. Thing is I've had an idea for a one off trip, but i'm not sure its possible..
  18. Spotted
    Hmmmm, 8:30, Artillery Row, SW1, London; spotted black Varadero covered in spaghetti, dripping olive oil, stinking of garlic, and being ridden by a very foreign looking lunatic!!! Anyone we know on here, I wonder?!?! ;)
  19. Africa Twin
    RD07a Running temp , mine has to have one rad covered and the other 1/2 covered to read halfway on the temp guage when riding also takes ages to warm up as well ???? How long and what temps are you guys seeing ????
  20. Transalp
    Hi I bet this has been covered but apologies, couldn't find it. Can I convert a 700 TA's speedo to kph when I go on holiday? Thanks Rob oops... found it dubhe Senior Member Join DateMar 2010LocationNorwich/PortsmouthPosts475Thanks11Thanked 6 Times in 6 Posts Re: 700 MPH/KPH SpeedoHold...
1-20 of 30 Results