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  1. Africa Twin
    I am in the process of rebuilding a ‘89 XRV650 and I want to have these covers powdercoated. Does anyone know which RAL color comes closest to the original bronze-ish color?
  2. For Sale / Wanted
    I am in need of a white front fender for my 1993 RD07. If anyone has one in decent condition that they would sell, please contact me. It is one of the last pieces I need for my complete rebuild I am doing. I already have brand new white plastic lower fork leg covers, so I just need the...
  3. For Sale / Wanted
    Having a bit of a clear out and the following are up for sale, RD03 rear pegs, rear brake disc guard, lights, rear caliper holders. Rocker covers from an RD07 but I think are the same for RD04. Exhaust guard is provisionally sold. Open to offers.....Also have quite a few front and rear sprockets...
  4. Africa Twin
    Hi, I have discovered that one of the above items has a small tear in it, so I intend replacing both. I cannot seem to find a supplier, Honda Part no; 16111-MY1-000 states that it covers up to year 2000, mine is 2001. Any ideas as to suppliers of new genuine replacements? Thanks, Pat.
  5. XR
    Hi im rebuilding a 2002 XR250R for a friend but he does not want gaiters so i need to find dust caps im in UK Thanks
  6. Great Roads/Routes
    I put together a single .gpx file which covers most of the green lanes in Surrey, it is attached below if anyone needs a copy.
  7. Africa Twin
    Could someone tell me if the side covers from an RD07 can be used on an RD04? i.e Are they interchangeable? Thanks for any help.
  8. Dominator / FMX
    Does anyone know of a UK supplier of OEM spec seat covers for the 88/99 model NX ? Mine is Red with Honda in White on either side.
  9. Dominator / FMX
    Would anyone know or could recommend the code or paint for the crankcase covers on my 89 nx650 ? I would like to start freshening her up and the cases really let her down :rolleyes:
  10. Product Reviews
    Following on from the excellent opinions on chain maintenance i thought i would chance my luck on further opinions. I used to have an excellent green canvas bike cover for my Sr 500 20 years ago but it appears the choice is more limited these days. Is it oxford or oxford??
  11. Dominator / FMX
    Can anyone tell me of any other Honda models that take the same reservoir cover as the NX650? Mine are looking rough and I would like to replace them. Thanks
  12. Transalp
    It seems standard seats are rarer than the proverbial hen's teeth. There just doesn't seem to be one for sale anywhere - unless you know different ! My 2005 has, what must have been, an optional low seat fitted. It's too low for me to get comfortable as my knees are bent too much. I would even...
  13. For Sale / Wanted
    I hope this is OK to list here but i have a lot of 1984/85 XL250 USED parts for sale. There are too many to list here but i have many engine parts from complete engines to barrels, heads, crankcase covers, clutch and gearbox parts, electrics, carbs, cables plus many more parts. Let me know if...
  14. Africa Twin
    Had assumed this was something to do with the fork covers but can't see what it's for; does it have a purpose? Cheers
  15. Africa Twin
    Hi fellow motorbike re, I've just had my front fork tube repaired and installed and looking to know how much and what type of fork oil I need for standard bike, some say 648 ml and others say just over 500ml. And 5w or 10w? Also I have fecked up one of my callipers and could not get the screw...
  16. Travel
    The Carpathian 2 Wheels Guide project has reached the 2nd Edition: Touring Romania. This edition proposes 28 routes (over 8100 kilometers - 5000 miles), features more than 70 sights and covers all the territory of Romania. Unlike the 1st edition, this one is addressed solely to the bikers who...
  17. Transalp
    Does anyone here have any recommendations for a decent map holder to fit the TA700 tank? I used a magnetic tank bag on my old bike but the plastic tank covers has ruined that. Tried a tank ring tank bag but the fuel cap is too far forward on the TA for this to work with anything of a decent...
1-19 of 97 Results