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  1. Laser MX6 Hawk Helmet - New!

    For Sale / Wanted
    LAZER MX 6 Helmet SIZE Medium, 57 - 58cm, 7 1/8 - 7 1/4 Bought this helmet a while ago with the intention of doing a bit of green laning on my XT 600 once the summer arrived and I had got some decent tyres. Well the summer took its time coming, I never did get those tyres and I felt the need...
  2. Metal Mule Top Box

    For Sale / Wanted
    Anyone interested in a Metal Mule 22 litre "Stubby" top box with optional anodised finish and rubber feet. Cost over £300, yours for £150. Also Metal Mule Rack for Yamaha XT600E, cost £90, yours for £45. Both are in excellent condition, just the odd scratch on the rack from fiting/removing...
  3. The Great Kid's Day (Wash) Out

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    The Great Kid's Day (Wash) Out - Part 1 OK, so it was raining. But it's a bank holiday for heaven's sake, it always rains :crybaby: No need to be alarmed - it'll ease off - it always does :D Got a txt from Whealie saying it was all systems go so we saddled up and rode west :thumbup: We...
  4. True or am i having my plonker pulled? saffa's please reply.

    A question to maverick and the other Saffa'a out there regarding biltong. A saffa i spoke to said, back home you take a Mars bar, make a hole in it lengthways with yer finger. Stuff biltong into it coat it in batter and deep fry it for a snack. Is he giving me a tug? :wink: or is it true...
  5. You will never forget India

    Great Roads/Routes
    Reading all these boards you are all up for a bit of adventure. Get yourself over to India for a couple of weeks. It is the most intense motorcycling you will ever do. The trip I went on last Christmas consisted of long days riding on some of the worst roads you have ever experienced with the...