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  1. 700 TA

    Hi, Got a 2008 700 TA in december, stuck it in the garage - the Mrs has then filled the garage with crap so I can't get in from the garden and the youngest's car has broken down in front so I can't get in the front, hence the possibly silly question. Want to get a paddock stand for it (cheaper...
  2. Did zvmx124 chain

    Africa Twin
    DID Chain - 525ZVMX124 Super-Street ZVM-X-Series Heavy Duty Black Hi haven't been on on here for a while ,but purchased one of the above to fit to my RD07A having snapped a JT chain last year which took out the water pump in its haste to exit the front sprocket ,I thought I would buy the best I...
  3. 700 rear hugger

    has anyone ever found one ? or found a close one that can be persueded to fit ? I have searched here and google but no joy so far. the bike is used to explore the very small roads of devon and cornwall two up mainly and the back of the bike and the pillions trousers get caked in crap. 95% of...
  4. Dommie rear shock preload - How Much??

    Dominator / FMX
    Howzit from SA! Im on my second Dominator rebuild - this time a '95 Italian built model. The rear shock (stock) seems fine, but the spring was crap. The length was well within spec, so I sent it off to be re-tempered. I did this before with my last Dommie, and it worked a treat. Now - when...
  5. FX650 rear shock mud protector

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello ! Much to my disappointment I cannot find a good way and am a bit out of ideas, how to fit some rubber or something for shielding the rear shock from all the crap rear wheel tosses at it. One of exaust pipes seems to be a bit in the way (or to burn away any rubber nearby). Any good ideas...
  6. 650v spokes

    hello guys n gals, i need new stainless steel spokes for both wheels ( original ) does anyone have any ? or maybe even a pair of perfect rims ? the rear is awful and the front is pretty respectable ! ive buffed the rear amoungst many things & it still looks crap ! they just let it down so much i...
  7. Quick fix.

    My son has just sold his moped and gave me half his money to pay me back the cash I loaned him to buy this last year. He hasnt taken his test yet so were going to change all the control cables ,new brakes and a chain and sprocket set. The tank is off and under going electrolysis and you wont...
  8. Petrol tank sealant

    I am getting ready to test fire my dommie but before I do I want to clean the tank out and seal it with a resin compound so I dont get crap sucked into my carb. Any suggestions. I have used something called Petseal a few years ago but I am sure technology has moved on while I have been building...
  9. Seized cam cover bolts

    Dominator / FMX
    Nothing about the SLR/FX phases me mechanically, except the first time I remove the cam cap bolts at the front of the head on a bike that's new to me. There are four with an 8mm head and one with a 10mm head, the bottom of the threads is exposed to all the crap thrown up from the front wheel...
  10. Brakes and headlight upgrades?

    Africa Twin
    After a spin over to the Stafford show with my dad resulted in a small interfacing of my @twin with the back of his 1200rt, I figure it's time to look at the brakes and upgrade them, I already have stainless lines to each calliper, the front discs are original and the pads are new ebc organics...
  11. Speedo drive stripdown

    Africa Twin
    Inside the speedo drive gearbox is the worm gear spindle which drives the cable. This wears downwards into the casting which collects any crap. The bottom end of this gear sits in a blind recess. I removed the dome shape of the casting (I used a slitter disc in a 4" angle grinder) until I could...
  12. Front disc removal

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys, Can any one confirm the following for me please: Honda NX 650 front disc, what are the nut sizes? I think 14mm but the spanner seems a bit lose so want to double check. I have only tried one of the nuts and it already feels like its going to round off. I also tried to loosen the...
  13. Henriette Honda's Tidy-Up has begun

    Africa Twin
    Henriette is on the bike-lift to see what is needed... some good and some less so! Both radiators and guards are shot and I'm sure there should be more than one bolt per side. Does anyone have a set they would like to part with? Very relieved to see the drive sprocket has not been welded...
  14. Rear indicators, are the left and right interchangeable

    I know it must seem like an odd question, but the previous owner of my 1998 xl600v removed the original for some nasty LED crap, I simply want to know if the original is 'handed' or not as they appear on pictures to be symmetrical.
  15. splutter coming of idle

    XR Technical Specs
    Hi I've got an xr600r that has been modified for twinshock scrambles. 640 bore kit stage 2 cam 10:1 compression piston and a 41mm flat slide carb. bike ran great for about a month , but has developed a splutter coming off idle. runs ok on tick over and again when on half throttle or above...
  16. handling

    Why do I seem to get a front end wobble at high speed and going over the white line Iv got conti escapes on there at the moment and I wondered if it was them. Iv seen a lot of gd reviews On the conti's but I think there crap in the wet and in the dry
  17. Using a bike computer (sigma) as a replacement for a trip meter

    Africa Twin
    I have been reading on ADV that a lot of vstrom owners put sigma bike computers on their bikes as the speedo on a vstrom is crap. Anyway I need a trip meter replacement and been looking at the sigmas but the gap between the spoke magnet and the recurved is 1/2 an inch Max. Can any manner be used...
  18. Original Trip computer

    Africa Twin
    Hi Guys, Maybe I'm impaired regarding technology, but I cannot seem to work the trip computer on my RD07 - even with the little original XRV750 owner manual. It explains how to switch between all sorts of modes but the penny just doesn't drop for me. I know many guys reckon its a piece of crap...
  19. eBay brake discs

    Mechanical Advice
    Anyone tried those cheap brake discs you can get these days? Nasty rubbish or worth a punt? Comments from people who actually know please, count the Chinese parts on your jap, beemer or triumph bikes before coming out with "its Chinese so it must be crap"
  20. transalp 700 brakes

    I'm thinking of a TA700 - ive had the 650, and am wondering about the brakes - apart from the ABS on the 700 TA, how do they compare to the 650? are they as crap? or are they any better? Thanks in advance,