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  1. Transalp
    HI PEEPS Bloody only gone and crashed the tranny ( 650 ) in a local ford got covered head to toe in mud but was only shaken thank the lord , Fortunatly the tranny seems ok apart from a bent set of bars . anyone replaced there bars , if so whats the best no / little fuss option ? thanks
  2. For Sale / Wanted
    Back Protector/ Armour Clover, size Large. a bit of scuffing from jacket, but in good condition. Never been crashed. £25 posted in the UK PM here/ email via my website or call 07812 NINE 4 1 EIGHT SIX SEVEN Chris
  3. Insurance
    E Bike site has been down for a week now with only a phone number shown. Replies on ABR suggest the site has been hacked. My bikes still register as insured on the MID site( ) so I assume they still operating. A few bits of the E insurance empire appear to be more...
  4. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi guys Open to offers.... pictures up soon. Speedo drive cog is new in packet, £10? Graves bars have been crashed on and repainted with white hammerite which isn't very good.... so, probably want them to be resprayed. £60+ delivery
  5. Transalp
    The front right hand stanchion of my 650 'Alp has a bulge in it. (I think the camera exaggerates it a bit). Anyone got any ideas? The previous owner said it's not been crashed and he had it a few years so I'm not worried by it. Just interested. Thanks! Rich.
  6. Africa Twin
    Hello all; Had a wee tumble(s) last weekend and my Ricky Cross "crashbars" crashed in to my fuel tank leaving a nice dent, bit of paint chipped etc... so what's the drill.. clean said area.. then touch up paint?? any paint?
  7. Ride Reports and Pictures 10mph. In an unexpected twist of irony I crashed on the way back from the bike dealers, where I ordered my new Anakee 2's!!! I put everything I do on YouTube (yes I'm addicted:rolleyes:) so you can watch the video if you like, where I talk about it a bit. YouTube - I crashed my bike...
  8. Africa Twin
    Hi all I was at the Classic Bike Show in Stafford yesterday and there is a 2002 AT lightish crash damaged - Front faring missing and side panels loss forks bent otherwise all there and only 5000 miles looks genuine brake discs hardly marked - selling for £1300 - not too bad bits got to be worth...
  9. Chatter
    Oh My god !!!!! Had a test ride on a Ducati 1098 on Tuesday, came into a slight downhill 3rd gear corner at about 60mph, and right in front of me not a diesel spill but a diesel slick !!!! could not avoid it and down she went. I was fine, although badly bruised, feel like i have been in a...
  10. Chatter
    Yep, I had posted about my RC8 track day a while ago and was propper excited, we had a very very wet day at silverstone yesterday and I crashed one! Lost the back end going into the right hander at the end of the pit straight, "I can save it" I thought... I couldn`t! When I had the bars at...
  11. Africa Twin
    After 26,500 amazingly beautiful kms, all spent hammering up and down the Peruvian Andes (these work a treat at 5,000m by the way), I have finally fallen foul to a guy who ran a red light and knocked me and my AT into another planet. I walked away, but the AT suffered a bit, especially the tank...
  12. Africa Twin
    Hi Guys, I had the unforunate incident yesterday of colliding with a truck while riding in Colombia. Thankfully I bounced but my baby sadly didnt. I am trying to work out the best course of action and what to do next. The questions I would like answered are 1. Is it possible to get an...
  13. Chatter
    I was just wondering how many of us have failed to keep it all sunny side up and lobbed the bike down the road, or into the number 13 bus, or that magnetic ditch on the Cat & Fiddle pass. I know the stats say that bikers can't ride for more than five minutes without there being a call to 999...