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    131mph, three times over the legal alcohol limits, ploughs into the back of an SUV. I wish the trooper had just put him out of his misery like you would a dog. Motorcycle clocked at 131 mph crashes on I-205 | Portland
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    This happened not far from my place last Thursday Car crashes into Subway Aberdare South Wales
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    not for the faint hearted , but illustrates just how hard core Vintage racing really was:shock: beside its a cool tune too:mrgreen: Vintage Race Car Crashes on
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    Some cars, but mostly bike crashes... Lots of 'em... YouTube - 30 Years Of Dakar (1979-2009) - Crashes I've spotted a few vintage @'s in there, very cool stuff! :D JB
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    Had a phone call from Hudders this afternoon...................................... DC has dropped his beloved AT AGAIN :confused: :( :confused: Going up the Wyrenose Pass in the Lakes with Hudders apparently Simon got to the top and thought Russ was takin a few photos :rolleyes...
1-5 of 6 Results