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  1. Crook fuel pump? - 2000 model

    I took the Varadero out for a ride the other day with a bit of bush riding involved. See, my wife and kids had gone out camping for the weekend with some friends, but I couldn't go due to other commitments. So I finished worjk early and popped up on the bike. To get to the campsite, there are 3...
  2. Tuscany 2013

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I am not very good at many things and writing up a ride report features pretty high on the list but I thought I’d better say a few words….make sure your PC’s are set on WAPENGLISH…. The Tuscan trip started with bad omens…..I discovered a big nail in the rear tyre the evening before we were due...
  3. Cheeky burglar!

    An injured burglar sued his getaway driver! Is this the most audacious thief? Disabled crook tries to sue getaway driver for injuries suffered during high speed escape from raid | Mail Online If you have time, here's the law report. Joyce & Anor v O'Brien & Anor [2012] EWHC 1324 (QB) (17...
  4. Dont talk to me about triumph fuel couplings

    :angryfire::angryfire::angryfire::-(:-(:-(:-( poor ole buggles comes over here for a service and some general farkling on his very nice tiger ..and whilst removing the tank his fuel couplings disintegrate:shock::shock::shock::shock: im bloody fuming with myself for what i think is a classic...
  5. Poor road surfaces

    Had a ride out yesterday. Just to warn other fellow bikers, the A5074, a popular route between the A590 at Levens / Gilpin Bridge and Bowness - on Lake Windermere, often known as the Lyth Valley Road is very badly potholed. I made a complaint at the Lake District National Park tourist office...
  6. Tyres .................... again

    Africa Twin
    Just been thinking about my Xmas list :D & although still crook & cant ride at the mo, I've been looking at some tyre choices and liked the look of the Michelin T66's. I don't do much off road stuff at all, but always fancied the TKC80's just in case, but also 'cos they look pretty hard! 8)...