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  1. Short Trip in Laos

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I can see from other posts that there are a few AT riders in SEA. We are currently two AT riders in Laos but the other guy lives halftime in Phnom Phen so he may not count. I've had my bike since 2006. Bought it from an expat in Laos. I’d like to advertise Laos as a destination – the more the...
  2. Le Mans 24 hr

    Just booked the ferry and ticket for the Le mans race (19th/20th April). Any other transalps going down or will I be the only one mixing it with the sports bike crowd? :confused:
  3. Chad that job ya wanted me to do.....

    So courtesy of Stormforce with a free ticket arrived at Excel this morning only to realise I somehow got his number wrong on my phone. No problemo I say to myself just phone the Chad...which I did :D Was asked a small favour regarding some orange malarky so after finding Whealie and then...
  4. tyres

    Africa Twin
    heiio there another new member from ireland happy new year to all just wondering if anyone has used this wedsite to order tyres and how did you get on just ordered tkc 80s and bit of a mixup allready ithink they are german crowd
  5. A little bimble around Norfolk (on and off road on XR400).

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    Well, i was sat here early in the morning feeling sorry for meself cause i was worried about being able to do the Cambrian cause i aint been feeling to cracky. Stupid really, got no time for feeling sorry for meself and being sappy so i thought bugger it, whats the best way to find out how im...
  6. Calendar

    Is this month's picture not just great! I know i'm a bit biased as i'm just off camera and my bro is in it on the left with cbrpaddy and then samih, and taken but chrish. For those of you who have not met the crowd you better do it cause they are the nicest people you will ever meet...
  7. Moto GP @ Donnington

    JUst came back from MotoGP practise and qualifying at Donnington. 300 miles on the Varadero today. Bloody fantastic, those Moto GP bikes sound totally awesome, ear splittingly loud, and boy are those guys riding gods, off the scale respect. Nearly every kid in the crowd was wearing yellow...
  8. Cambridge to Offenburg and back

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    We are soooo stylish baby! Matching red or what. This was the beginning of a 700Km ride through torrential rain all the way back to Cambridge. It rained so much so hard for so long that the electrics started to splutter on the M11 with the amount of rain and road spray. Only my bum got wet as...
  9. has anyone used these.

    hi has anyone tried this crowd, looks good to me I'm just waiting for e-mail back will let you no.
  10. Markets are taking a HIT !

    World Stockmarkets have had quite a smash recently, we saw this coming and moved into a SHORT position a few weeks back, which has made it a very profitable time. You can make just as much money when the market falls as when it rises, it is called being SHORT the market. Add in some leverage...
  11. What a Bloody Great Weekend !!

    I have just had a cracker of a weekend and a brill start to the week. Friday night - a Burn's Supper where I was the M/C - great success, everybody enjoyed it , got in at 2:00am , with my heed still buzzing with adrenalin :shock: with "working the crowd" for 6 hours. As a result didn't get to...
  12. MotoGP Phillip Island - Oz

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    fark me what a trip !!! :D :clap: :freaky: I havent been down to the Island for the GP since 97, it never fits in with work, which is a constant source of irritation:cry . A couple of weeks ago I checked my diary and it was clear so I accosted my boss and said I needed 4 days off or I'd die...
  13. Zega mounting bolt

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, I hope I'm posting this in the right section. Anyways I was arsing about on Sunday with both Touratech boxes fitted and after getting a bit of air (maybe three feet) at one point with a rather bumpy landing, I got home to find one of the mounting bolts and the rectangular bar that...
  14. Salisbury 2nd October ride report

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well it was an early start for myself and Lootch heading away from Essex around 7:50 Sunday morning. Could feel the winter is rapidly aproaching and did at one point wonder if it's worth while getting out of my warm bed. We stopped about 30 miles away from Amesbury with numb bum taking it's...
  15. Stella Alpina 2005

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Stella Alpina 2005 I set off for this year's Stella Alpina rallye as a party of 1. Despite some initial interest from the crowd, as departure approached the numbers dwindled. As it happened I arrived at Dover to join the queue behind wheeliebin on his TransAlp. Then one last Whopper...
  16. Seats Again

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Just been looking around the forum at various solutions to the @ seat problem. I think everyone is agreed that they are crap. I know there is the crowd that wil scoop a bit of foam out for £15.00 but they're up in Leicester, I'm not and my arse won't take the trip. Has any one had any...
  17. Tough One extreme enduro

    Spent the day at Nantmawr quarry near Oswestry watching a new style (to the UK) of extreme enduro. Very spectator friendly course with loads of jumps, nadgery bits, and plain weird obstacles (sea of tyres, piles of logs, etc.). David Knight was the main crowd puller, and to make things...
  18. water crossings

    Here it is!! Enjoy :D
  19. nekid as a jaybird

    Africa Twin
    Inox isn't a brand it's continental for Stainless Steel, lots of stuff is marked Inox including Sabatier knives and kitchen sinks.