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  1. Cr#p catcher for 125 Varadero...

    Bodgers Corner
    Cr#p catcher for 125 Varadero... (now with pics) Seeing as it decided to ruin my plans of a ride out today by snowing again I thought I would have a look to see if its possible to put in a deflecter on the baby Vara in the same way people have on its big Brother. Unfortunately theres nowhere...
  2. Rear Shock Cr#p Deflector

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  3. Varadero Rear Shocker Cr#p Deflector

    Bodgers Corner
    Whilst greasing up the rear suspension bearings, I thought I’d have a go at knocking up a little Cr#p deflector for the rear shock absorber. Using the little rubber flappy thing that hangs over the rear tank mounting mountings! as my starting point, I got a suitable bit of plastic sheet, 3...