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  1. One for the trolls

    We've hired our new Troll finder general English boxer Curtis Woodhouse turns up on the doorstep of his Twitter troll | Sport |
  2. Spring Clean

    It's amazing how much rubbish you accumulate, isn't it! Bought a new solid oak chest of drawers for my bedroom today, had to go to the tip with the old B&Q chipboard one so decided to have a bit of a clean out. Old two-piece Swift leathers, Akito two-piece textile suit, old curtains and a load...
  3. A rattling/buzzing/vibration type noise from front end

    Africa Twin
    Hi Guys/Gals I've recently noticed a rattling/buzzing noise coming from somewhere in the front of the bike. It only happens when I reach about 5200rpm and continues as long as I keep the revs above this. Nothing below 5200rpm. I can't pinpoint exactly where it's coming from. I suppose using the...
  4. SpeedFerries Update

    Dear Mr Wilkinson Please find confirmation letter with regard to the cancellation of Motorcycles. Dear Customer, Please accept my deepest personal apologies for having to cancel your motorcycle booking with SpeedFerries. Unfortunately, we will have to stop carrying all kinds of...
  5. redrocket is dead !!!!

    pulling up to a t junction this morning and a lady in a mondeo estate swings in to the road cutting across the junction and hitting me head on its looking like my beloved astra van thats given me sterling service for the last three yrs and has NEVER LET ME DOWN !!!:cool: is going to...
  6. Greetings from Belfast

    Africa Twin
    After lurking for a while I have taken the plunge and decided that I need another AT. The last one, a 96 model was had away one night - you can imagine by shock on opening my bedroom curtains. Anyway I posted a wanted in the right place and hopefully it will not be to long before I have...
  7. Foglamps and feeding them with juice..

    Africa Twin
    I have finaly dipped into my pocket and purchased some projector beam foglights which I intend to attach to the engine bars below the headlamp. Alls fine so far but I am unsure wether(sp)? to take a live feed from the headlights or the sidelights or just go straight back to the battery. I have...
  8. North Yorks Off Road Run

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    A fine start to the day curtains open and sunshine :lol: Bike set up, chain lubed and off I go. 8 miles down the road and chain snaps :shock: what is it about meeting Fewtrees, a phone call to Rob and a trip to local bike shop sorts it. off we go again. First track turned out to be harder...
  9. Crashbars- Thank you!!!

    Africa Twin
    Hey all, Just a quick tip to those of you who haven't fitted crashbars yet: I've been riding for 3 years without any accidents/falls, until the week of the disaster arrived: Storey 1- Last Sunday on my way back from church with my brother in laws girlfriend on the back, I cruising a about 40...