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  1. Is RD07 handle-switches compatible to my RD04?

    Africa Twin
    Hi Since it´s impossible to get new switches to my RD04, i´m curious if i can fit RD07-switches on it. All the best Dan
  2. RD07A original add-on parts

    Africa Twin
    Hello This post is for those who bought their RD07/07A new from dealers back then when they were still in production. :rolleyes: I'm curious about original add-on parts from Honda: were there any? Crash bars, luggage racks, anything else? Have You ever seen any Honda catalogues with original...
  3. Battery Tray Ideas

    Dominator / FMX
    Im Looking for some ideas on where to house all the electrics on my Dommie. I like the idea of manufacturing a tray under the seat, but was curious how everyone else does it. Ive seen some with small batteries lying on their side? i take it you need a seeled unit for this? Any help/guidance...
  4. Original fuel pump

    Africa Twin
    I have a facet pump That came with my rd07a I am looking to put the original pump back to the bike as Mr HONDA intended. Is this a simple task? Or faff I am just curious to see how the bike will run,and like original stuff.:(
  5. XL1000 Valve check and adjust

    Just curious if anyone has a step by step video showing the procedure for valve check and adjustment. I ride a 2008 XL1000 with approx. 44,000 kilometers on the odometer. Or does anyone have any helpful tips?
  6. Shipping Car From Germany

    Hi everybody. i'm moving out of the country for a short while and that i wish to require my cars with American state. They are 1. 2000 Toyota above atomic number 11 with greedy exhaust 2. 1975 VW minibus I am curious to understand, however am i able to check if my above can pass their...
  7. JT chains

    Africa Twin
    Hi has anyone had any experience of JT 525 X1R chain ,just had one fitted to my RD07A ,replaced the DID chain because there was 10 k on it . I hadn,t really heard any reviews on them and was curious if anyone new anything about them . Cheers In advance
  8. R NineT testdrive?

    The BMW R NineT, anyone on this forum owns one or tested one? I saw the first IRL today, so there are not that many on the roads here, and even less for test driving. Just curious if they are any fun. /Kjell
  9. How Much for a 1993 RD07

    Africa Twin
    Curious what a reasonable price for a 1993 RD07 would be. It's got 95,000k on the clock. Engine seems in good order and body is good shape. Also has a 43l TT tank on it. Thx
  10. Fuelling issue!

    Hi all, I have a curious issue, which has arisen since I changed the air filter. on my 650 TA....basically the choke is now working as a 'cut-off' switch. Turn on the choke, the bike splutters to a halt, leave it off, the bike runs like a dream, clearly I've trapped something underneath the...
  11. sump guard bit folded in

    Africa Twin
    Ok...stupid question, but I am a curious bugger.. I have used an AT sump guard on my alp and it fits just fine, however there is a small section which has been made into a flap and folded in...can you guys illuminate me as to its function on the @... it seems to be harmless/useless on the TA R.
  12. Crash Bars and Skid Plate

    Looks like my new to me 2008 Varadero has GIVI crash bars. I'm looking to add a skid plate and so far the only one I've seen available is the SW Motech. Just curious if this skid plate will mount with these GIVI bars.
  13. What can you tell me about my engine judging by this spark plug?

    Africa Twin
    I'm curious - what does this mean? (except that I need to replace it, which I did)
  14. Post your low budget modifications!

    Africa Twin
    I'm curious on ypur low budget modifications! Here's mine: Basket and spray paint. Clamped behind fairing. 2x 20€ ebay 18w led lights mounted with ebay 5€ 22mm u-bolts. Computer fan grill as protection around 3€ For the side stand. Nail plate and bolts
  15. Anyone ever "updated" the RD04 rear end?

    Africa Twin
    Just curious like, I actually want to trim it right down, lose the bolt on subframe and rear piece but retain the side panels, but it all bolts to itself so to speak. Ideas?
  16. Main Jetting Question

    Hey guys Just curious, do you guys change your main jet lower for better fuel economy? The place im staying rite now is at sea level, and my 650 TA comes with a Modded Muzzy Exhaust wonder if the stock main jet is too rich or should i stay it that way Thanks
  17. Radio Signal

    Hi Peeps (Kymmy might be able to help too) I listen to Real XS (formerly Rock Radio - Salford based rock radio station) On the way along the M56 westbound or eastbound I lose the signal around the Frodsham Marshes, Ellesmere Port / Stanlow Oil Refinery etc between J12 and J14 The signal drops...
  18. curious... 6th gear?

    Africa Twin
    just wondering if it's possible and has anyone ever put a 6th gear in, i reckon it makes sense.... thoughts anyone..:idea1:
  19. just curious !!

    evening all.......out and about last night and clocked a group of approx 6 varas / alps heading opposite way along A48 ( langstone) just after the culdra. was any of that group from our jolly family ?? nice bikes !!:thumbup:think the alps were 700s.
  20. Curious

    I was in Devines in Glasgow on Friday , there was a really smart Alp outside with XRV.Org stickers on it , just wondered who the owner was