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  1. XL650V lose power when driving in hard sidewind

    Hello everybody, and greetings from Finland! I have been reading a lot in this forums before, but today I decided to make my own profile. (Sorry my english) Today happened something that has happened to me once before. I drove my XL650V in hard sidewind. I think I can call it a storm. In the...
  2. DIY ALU Panniers and Top Box

    Africa Twin
    Well,I just turned 40 and went out and bought myself a TIG Welder in Fairyhouse Market as a present to myself today. This will be the thread for my build. I've never welded before, so this is gonna be a steep learning curve. Thought I'd start the thread by hopefully giving you all a bit of a...
  3. Newbie from way down under.

    Africa Twin
    Gday you adventurous lot. Picking up a 90 RD04 in 2 days. :p Planning on a total rebuild since its done approx. 160,000 kms and looking a bit shabby. Imported from Austria about 8 years ago I think. Very impressed with what I have seen in the forum so far. I have been riding for most of my...
  4. Riding an AT off-road as a newbie

    Africa Twin
    So I've got a few circuits near me (well, within 100km) where I can do some free-riding on dirt. The thing is I'm a newb to dirt, never having ridden on it. I'm also a newb to the AT. I'll go on a dry day - don't need to make my learning curve any steeper :p but I was wondering if there are any...
  5. Wanted: Wanted RD07 good rear shock

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi looking to buy a good rear shock for 2001 RD 07 think mine is goosed I ,m in Belfast happy to pay postage , please something which is good not one worse than my one . Just thougth would try here before I run out and sell the dog to buy one, if I take mine of to be rebuilt will be off the...
  6. Learning curve!

    While some of you were having fun round Dartmoor, Mrs M and I went for a little spin - sort of investigating the capabilities of the Alp north of Kendal Now, I've seen Whealie's forward facing videos from Dartmoor, and they seemed very familiar after yesterday - we fell off too! Studied the...