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  1. Dominator / FMX
    Any one know what the torque settings are for the rear brake disk? I put a new chain and sprockets, cush drive and rear disk on the bike the other week and getting some weird things happening, grabbing at low speed, and having trouble getting it right and have the mot next week so its belt and...
  2. Varadero
    This morning in Georgia I did the chain and my friend took her for a spin. There is no garage able to take the rear wheel off and wrap them. Wondering what my best course of action is? No man is truly married until he understands every word his wife is NOT saying.
  3. XR
    I'm after a rear wheel for my xr250l. This model has a cush drive and a very limited choice of rear sprockets. I'm therefore after a 250R rear wheel. My model is year 1992. Would anyone know if the later dry sump models shared the same rear wheel as the earlier disk brake 250's? Thanks.
  4. Dominator / FMX
    I hope I'm describing this right but my Dommie sometimes feels like the rear wheel is buckled. this bizzarely only happens when it's under power, if I pull the clutch in it feels fine again. I thought it was the Cush drive rubbers but I bought new ones and when I went to replace them the...
  5. Varadero
    I cannot locate my fiche list with the part number for the 2004 Vara rear hub, rubber cush drive. Can anyone assist please as I need to get a set ordered PDQ!! :(
  6. XL
    just thought i'd put this on as it don't appear very lively on this page!, i had play in my cush drive(XL500R),so whilst fitting a new tyre(nearly killed me) i thought i would have a go at taking up the free play,so what i did was- cut several inch and a half piece push bike tube,brushed patch...
  7. Varadero
    Advice again please guys. I recently had some new tyres fitted and noticed when the guy removed the rear wheel and sprocket the rubber cush drives fell out. When he refitted the wheel he stuck them in any old way, which I'm sure is not right. I have read the two pieces should be joined on...
  8. Africa Twin
    How easy is it to remove rear hub (Cush drive) in order to check the Rubber dampers conditions? Is there any special technique or procedure to follow? I read that these should just come out easily but this one I have seems solid as if something is holding it into place. (Can't see any thing...
  9. Transalp
    Basically, as my other thread suggests, I have been looking for a new rear wheel as mines fooked... What is the requirement for the cush drive on the rear wheel, I think I already know the answer... but was wondering if I could fit a wheel to my '88 TA which does not have a cush drive fitted...
  10. Transalp
    Peace of mind at last. Have run a 16t Wemoto front sprocket for about a year and was never comfortable with the lack of a rubber cush drive as on the original Honda 15t. A solid drive cannot be as kind on the drive shaft as the rubber bushed job particularly if there is any snatch from the...
  11. Mechanical Advice
    Is there a recommended replacement interval for the cush drive rubbers?
  12. XL
    Was chuffed as a chuffed thing when the new clutch turned up the very next day and it was the right one! Now, the springs, have a look at this: The spring at the bottom has an extra coil, and that is the only one that is tight! The others are nowhere near as loose as the old...
  13. For Sale / Wanted
    hi was wondering,more like hpoing someone had a spare cush drive/sprocket carrier for my RDO7 lying around.ive gone and knocked the bearing right through mine and smashed the flange out that the bearing sits against.:tool:
  14. Africa Twin
    Blimey posting a raft of techie questions now. How to make a short story long. My @ failed MOT due to above listed problems, friendly local bike shop offered to do work, including ordering spares. Phoned a week later to be told spares not ordered, due to going into receivership. So going to have...
  15. Africa Twin
    Simple question... Is it really necessary to have this, I'm replacing the front and rear sprocket and wonder if the original front is mandatory or could I use a renthal sprocket instead?
  16. Africa Twin
    I removed the rear wheel on my RD04 last night for a tyre change (new bike to me, which I havent ridden yet) and noticed that the bearing in the cush drive housing was loose. I removed the bearing for inspection. I expected the bearing to have spun in the housing, but there are no apparent...
1-16 of 16 Results