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  1. Africa Twin
    I am considering replacing the cushions on my rear wheel when I'm putting on a new tire in a few weeks. I have noticed for a few years that there is some slack in the cush drive due to old/hard/worn cushions, and I am curios to know if replacing them would make the power delivery smoother. I am...
  2. For Sale / Wanted
    We have a small/medium kitchen/dining room table with 4 chairs for sale in light pine, the table has a glass top, the chairs have white cushions. I'll post a pic up shortly. Located in Saltburn (Cleveland) or can bring to Lancs. Phil
  3. XR
    anyone useing or know about the air seat cushions, saw one on a much travelled xr400, but no one around to ask. look just the answer for longer distances.
1-3 of 3 Results